5 classic wallets that will never go out of style


Wallets are more than just a tool to hold your cards, they are a fashionable accessory that should always be in style. Here are 5 classic wallets that will always be trendy.

Your wallet says a lot about you. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if you pull out a stinky old wallet that’s falling a part people will think you’re either unfashionable or poor. The wallet should be treated as a fashion accessory, because it is. They carry your most valuable assets, and they say the most about you.

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When Heraclitus said, “the only constant in life is change,” it was no lie. Till today, not very many aspects of life can touch Heraclitus’ statement the way fashion does. Over the years, fashion has gone through many changes, unique style by unique style with every era—each one eclipsing the previous.

As a fashion piece, wallets have undergone such a change. Yet, some have reared their heads through the flurry of change, pronouncing themselves as classics that will never go out of style.

Here are five wallets that will continue to remain staple choices regardless of the time or clothing.

The Bifold

If one could take an actual consensus of men who own bifold wallets, the numbers would be as numerous as the sands on Hawaiian beaches. They are the burger king of wallets, and that’s not overstating the fact. They’re that popular. Bifold wallets typically have sections designed to carry such stuff as bills, cards, receipts, and even coins.

Leather wallet on the rustic wood background

Some of them have much more compartments than others, thus dealing effectively with issues of access and organization. The catch about bifold wallets is that they are simple in style and can fold in half, meaning that they can hold your important stuff and fit down your pocket– as far as you don’t try to make a suitcase out of it.

Card Holder

In the previous centuries, the idea of a cardholder would have been as bizarre as men sprouting wings. Money was mostly palpable, and credit cards didn’t come until 1950 with the Diners Club. The narrative is quite different now that money is digital. Credit cards, IDs, and other plastic cards are ubiquitous, and there’s an ever-present need to organize them. In any case card holders are practical. There are various types of modern card holders among them GOVO Badge Card Holder Wallet, Secrid Cardprotector Card Holder Wallet which has beautiful design. Another type of card holders are the Kara Koram’s card holder wallets which differ by their unique design, Card popup mechanism, Folded bills and RFID Protection. 

The Trifold

Like its name, this kind of wallet has three sections. It is just like the bifold but has one more section and folds into three rather than two. When you think of the trifold, think of a wallet that allows more compartments than the bifold. The trifold can hold bills, cards, receipts, coins, and so on – just like the bifold, but better because you can carry more. Of course, the trifold ability to be folded in three means it will take up more space in your pockets than the bifold, though smaller sizes may have different effects when compared to bifold wallets of larger size.

Ultimately, the trifold will continue to remain relevant as an accessory that holds and gives you access to important stuff on the go.

Travel Wallets

Almost everyone can relate to having to look for a visa or travel document while on the go. Sometimes, it’s not lost, but in such a large space as that of your travel bag, it’s easy for your documents to get mixed up with other things. Travel wallets are exclusively built for your travel papers, visas, passports, et cetera. Imagine the ease of having all these in one place, being able to reach out for any of them whenever you want. As if to spice things up, the travel wallet can also hold your cards, checkbook, a pen, your key, and some cash as well. If this isn’t the perfect combination of swagger, organization, and convenience in one, it’s hard to say what is.

Travel necessities
Travel necessities

Travel wallets will always be relevant as far as people continue to travel.

RFID Wallets

Unlike other wallets, this type of wallet gets its impact from its security feature. The wallets under this category may be a gamut of trifold, bifold, travel wallets, and so on. But what makes this a timeless piece is the Radio Frequency Identification feature. Technological growth isn’t only in the areas of telecommunication, medicine, sports, and so on. Such things as theft also benefited from technological development, making it possible for thieves to scan your credit card details from right inside your wallet. All a thief needs to empty your accounts is to scan your credit card while it’s still in your pocket. The RFID feature blocks this kind of theft, thus keeping your credit card extra safe.

It is not entirely possible for wallets to fizzle out of use, but the security feature of the RFID wallet makes it the perfect futuristic piece.


Changes in the fashion industry are more frequent than before. These days it’s easier for a particular piece to go out of vogue. It’s like one moment something is the rage in town, and then the next something else has taken over. It’s not that different with wallets. But the practical abilities of the wallets mentioned above, the convenience, organization, and comfort, make them fashion pieces that will never go out of style.

They are absolute classics. Karakoram boasts of a wide catalogue of wallets guaranteed to provide a unique combination of fashion and style.

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