6 Startling Facts about CBD Flower and Sex that You Never Knew


Does the CBD “sex flower” actually help improve your libido? Here are 6 startling facts about the CBD flower.

The CBD flower is a strong aphrodisiac that grows in nature. It is often called the “sex flower.” CBD flower has been used as a medicine for hundreds of years, but new research suggests it could also be used as a sexual enhancer. CBD flower is said to make people more sexual. This article will teach you how to use CBD flower to improve your sexual encounters, which can be hurt by a number of things.

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You heard it right, CBD flower, or the “sex flower,” is a naturally occurring aphrodisiac that helps improve your sexual relations. CBD flower has many therapeutic properties attributed to its name; however, with recent findings and studies, people have started calling it the “sex flower” apparently, people have found out that CBD flower helps improve sex life.

Many factors can cause poor sexual relations, but the sex flower can help you if you do not know how; read this article to find some startling facts about CBD flower and sex.

The CBD Flower.

Cannabis Flower Buds in Glass Jar, Top Down Close Up. Dark Background. Medical Marijuana Concept
CBD flower buds.

CBD flower is like marijuana that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. However, unlike marijuana, CBD flower does not have any psychotic effects because it has a low concentration of THC, the cousin of CBD responsible for causing the “highs” associated with the use of marijuana. Since both CBD and THC come from the same cannabis Sativa plant, they have similar looks, smells, and feel. oi

CBD flower is the top choice for people who wish to reap the benefits of cannabis but without the psychotic effects. It is a raw material that can be used directly and processed into other cannabis products. People can smoke or vape and process it to make their own CBD edibles, topicals, oils, etc. After all, every CBD product started as a CBD flower. 

CBD flower has many therapeutic properties. Some of its known benefits are helping with pain, muscle inflammation, anxiety, stress, PTSD, etc. Recently, studies have proven that it helps in improving sex life, with people dubbing it the “sex flower.” Due to these properties, CBD flower has successfully created its separate market in cannabis-based medications. It is a popular choice among people who wish to heal using naturally occurring medicine that does not cause adverse side effects, unlike those caused by synthetic pharmaceuticals.

CBD flower carries with it some other naturally occurring compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, like terpenes, flavonoids, less than 0.3% THC, etc. Due to these compounds, CBD flower can cause the entourage effect that allows it to retain its therapeutic properties.

Startling Facts about CBD Flower and Sex

Over the years, with more and more research and developments, more areas of applicability for CBD have come up. Scientists have been able to find many therapeutic properties associated with the use of CBD. Amidst all these multiple benefits associated with CBD flowers, people have been wondering if CBD has any potential benefits and effects on sexual activities. People have been wondering if CBD flower is a “sex flower.” Well, you need not wait any further to find an answer to this question because we will deal with it now.

Close up of Cannabis female flower over white table.
Close up of Cannabis female flower.

One of the major causes of poor sexual performance in males and females is low libido count. Low libido count can result from many factors like daily stress; overload to the screen; dietary issues; work-life; hectic life; poor metabolism, etc. To get help from these issues and to improve sexual performance and sexual drive, most people turn to pharmaceutical drugs, but you need not forget that they all carry one or the other adverse side effects. Rest assured if you are wondering what to do because the “sex flower” is here to help you. 

The following are six startling facts about CBD flower and sex that you never knew:

  1. CBD flower, or the “sex flower,” is a natural aphrodisiac; it can help bring your sex life back on track without risking your health. CBD flower has been used for thousands of years as a sex flower for improving the quality of sexual performance. In a study conducted on 5000 people, about 72% of men and 7% of women admitted to experiencing intense orgasms, lasting longer, and having a better sexual experience. Generally, all CBD products help improve your libido count without you even noticing it and without causing any side effects.
  2. Low libido count gets caused by increased stress and anxiety caused by hectic work-life issues. The sex flower has many therapeutic properties, one of which is to help reduce stress and anxiety. The sex flower will help you reduce stress and anxiety; this will automatically improve your libido count and hence, your sexual experience.
  3. CBD in the sex flower helps improve blood circulation but expands the blood vessels, thus allowing better oxygenation of blood. With improved blood circulation, the excitement rises faster and the sensations experienced are more intense and long-lasting.
  4. Sex flower also helps with soothing any form of chronic pain. So if you are experiencing pain in your reproductive organ due to any injury, inflammation, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, or any form of pain during sex, the sex flower is at your rescue. Further, pain in the reproductive region can also result in a low libido count.
  5. CBD helps you heal fast, so ingesting CBD flower during or after sex can help you recover fast and thus improve your sexual experience by allowing you more rapid recovery and enhanced strength to indulge in continuous and regular sexual activities.
  6. Vaping CBD flower is one of the best ways of getting the effects immediately. Taking a few puffs can do the job for you, and you may start feeling a light buzz; this buzz can enhance your sexual experience by allowing you to experience all sensations in an enhanced manner. Further, it normalizes your blood flow, allowing you to indulge in long-lasting sexual activities.


We have seen that CBD flower has been used for thousands of years as a sexual aid. However, due to a lack of scientific findings, people hesitated to use it as an aid to sex. But because of recent scientific studies, it turns out that CBD flower has always been the “sex flower.”

A naturally occurring aphrodisiac, the sex flower helps improve libido count, increase sexual duration, enhance the sensations experienced, reduce stress and anxiety, help with pain and inflammation, and hence improve the sexual experience of both; males and females.

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