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8 trends that will transform the future of the gambling industry

8 trends that will transform the future of the gambling industry

From enhanced customer service to specific benefits like restaurant vouchers and other wearable technology, this is why online gambling is gaining traction.

There are some interesting new and continuing advancements in the pipeline for online gaming in the near future. With technological advancements occuring at an astounding rate in tandem with increased global access to such services, there is no telling what the future of the online casino industry may hold.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen technology progress at a rapid rate, transforming the way we interact with the world around us. From smartwatches that can conduct ECG’s to drones that can deliver a birthday cake to your front door, technology is constantly innovating everyday processes. Yet this growth could not be truer for the online gambling industry. 

The soaring popularity of online gambling platforms in recent years has caused a huge shift in the way the market operates. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2028, the online gambling industry will be worth a huge total of 158.20 billion US Dollars. That’s a CAGR of 11.5%

As new audiences adopt online gambling as a pastime or even a profession, the industry continues to receive new finances to shovel back into the development of even more technology. Let’s take a look at some of these new and emerging technologies. 

Evolving table games

While the likes of poker used to be a game that intimidated a lot of newbie casino visitors, today’s poker games are adaptive and first timer friendly. Thanks to the rise of online casinos that appeal to a larger market of people, casino providers are looking for ways to make strategic and complex casino games like poker and blackjack more user friendly. Providers are increasingly offering variations on old favourites like 3 card poker which can be quite tough to find in a land-based venue, giving them the edge over the competition in many peoples eyes.

Not only are online gaming experiences being transformed by new technologies, new and immersive table games are now entering brick and mortar casinos too. While it’s unlikely that we will see a large rise in physical casinos again, the ones that are still standing are certainly better than they were half a decade ago. 

Crypto casino sites

BItcoin and crypto casinos

Just 10 years ago, the likes of Bitcoin were an emerging currency that only the savviest of investors were purchasing. The volatile state of the market meant that value was constantly going up and down. Today, the cryptocurrency scene is very different.

There are now a number of online bitcoin casinos across Australia, offering a more secure and superior experience to gamblers. 

  1. A new age of slot machines

Traditional slot machines are based on luck. You pulled the lever and hoped to match up the fruit symbols, and the rest was down to fate. Yet today’s slot machine games have had to be a lot more creative if they’re to hold the attention of younger generations.

Younger generations are used to action packed video games, so it makes sense that slot machine games need to incorporate some of the skill and challenges to make them more appealing to the next generation. 

Today’s slot machines feature themes from the latest blockbuster and series hits, as well as in-game extras and plenty of challenges that test even the most advanced gamers. 

A rise in sports betting popularity

Currently online sports betting holds the largest market share out of the entire online gambling sector. As technology gets smarter, clever algorithms powered by the IoT and Big Data are able to intuitively make suggestions to improve the betting experience.

Things like dual screen usage, live betting facilities and more accurate predictions mean that more people than ever are now getting involved in the action. Some even win life changing jackpot prizes. 

Access all areas

While online gambling has always been relatively restricted in Australia, as well as the US, Canada and many other parts of the world, online gambling is bringing new opportunities. One great example of this is Taiwan. While Taiwanese residents have always faced very strict gambling laws, the introduction of cryptocurrency casinos have meant that residents can now take advantage of online casinos without any repercussions.

What’s more, in places like the US and Canada, loopholes in gambling law mean that residents can take advantage of offshore gambling facilities online, without having to worry about repercussions too. 

In addition, as the world’s Wi-Fi capabilities improve, reaching even the most remote destinations across the globe, more people than before are able to access online casinos. Combine this with a rise in affordability for technologies like smartphones and home PC devices and the potential is huge. Casino providers are making the most of this by continually adapting gaming experiences to cater for new and emerging target audiences. 

The competitor landscape is driving development

Two men betting over an arm wrestle

With so many casino companies now saturating the online gambling space, it’s a constant challenge for casino providers to secure and retain loyal clients. As a result, providers are needing to come up with new and innovative ways to keep up with competitors.

One way this is being achieved is through an abundance of exclusive offers and deals, including free money for first time players that sign up, extra spinks, mini bonus games and much more. 

Changing consumer habits

As mobile technology continues to improve, the vast majority of players are now turning to their smartphone devices to get their latest casino game fix. Statistics show that more people are now playing on mobile devices than before, meaning providers are continually needing to come up with ways to keep the online experience seamless across a range of devices. 

One way they’re doing this is through desktop platforms and integrative mobile apps that ensure the user experience is personal, no matter what device the consumer is using. 

Wearable technology

We’ve seen smartwatches develop to offer a range of progressive health apps like ECG’s, heart rate and breathing monitoring, intuitive fitness insights and more. But wearable technology is now beginning to transform the online casino sector. 

From an improved level of customer experience to exclusive rewards like restaurant vouchers and other personal wearable technology is really putting online gambling on the map.  

Overall, there are some exciting new and continuing developments for online gambling in the pipeline. With technology developing at an astonishing rate, alongside better global access to such services, the sky’s the limit for the future of the online casino industry.