9 Sexual Health Tips for Newlyweds and Couples

It’s important to stay happy, healthy and sexually active in any relationship. Here are some helpful sexual health tips for the newlyweds.

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Whether you’re newly married or whether you and your partner have decided to commit to each other without tying that proverbial knot, it is important to stay happy, and healthy. These 9 sexual health tips should help keep the spark alive in your romance.


After you’re married, work, money, children, and/or other obligations can start competing with your sex life for attention. Combined with familiarity, they will take their toll. Although you can’t expect your sex life not to change with time, there are definitely things you can do to keep the fire going. 

1. Communicate

As banal as it may sound, communication really is the key to sexual satisfaction. While your sex life may diminish in intensity and strength, talking about what you like and dislike will help improve it. Although talking about sex is not easy, even with someone you’re very close to, taking the time for it can serve to ‘insure’ your future together. Creating a solid foundation is key to reclaiming the peaks you once conquered against the backdrop of boredom and tedium.  

2. Change Things Up

Introduce new elements to keep things interesting: role-playing, new positions, erotica, or sex toys. Sex will become a priority again if you keep it fun and new. Sex toys in particular can help you reach a level of arousal you previously couldn’t imagine. If you are curious to learn more, check out HotCherry adult toys, which has a large selection and many educational resources to ensure you’re not doing the same things in bed anymore. You could also try doing it somewhere other than the bedroom or surprising your partner with sexy lingerie.

3. Beyond the Bedroom 

The sense of novelty and playfulness adds to passion like nothing else. Research shows that novelty stimulates secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays a key role in excitement and arousal. Beyond trying new things in the bedroom, there are experiences to be shared like spending time with friends, traveling together, or simply going to the movies. Other things you can do together including watching a game or going to a play. 

4. Make It a Priority

Your to-do list starts to expand after you walk down the aisle and sex might find itself at the very bottom. Marriage can make people feel like they can have sex at any time, so they stop making time for it. This is why you should make sex a priority right at the start. If you don’t, it will stay near the bottom of the list, perhaps even drop off it. 

To keep this from happening, make sex part of your weekly schedule. Go to bed earlier on some nights or take a shower together once in a while. Whatever you do, make time for it, even if you’re initially averse to the idea of scheduling sex. 

5. Explore Your Body 

Marriage results in sexual familiarity and the feeling of being wanted and desired can dissipate. At this point, women in particular will find their desire going down. Explore your body to maintain your libido. You should know where and how you want to be touched. Then, talk to your partner about it. The more you enjoy sex, the more often you’ll want to have it as opposed to seeing it as an obligation or avoiding it altogether. 

6. Fight the Fatigue 

Fatigue is the main reason spouses become less sexually active over the long term. Many couples say it’s exhaustion rather than boredom that has put the fire out. It is quite tempting to simply turn the light off and go to sleep. Then, you shouldn’t wonder what happened to the sex you once enjoyed so much. 

Yoga at home
Sexual health tip: Fight the fatigue and stay fit

T!he reasons for fatigue are numerous, but poor diet, too much work, and lack of exercise often contribute. Eat fresh foods, healthy carbs and fats, and lean protein to give your energy a boost. Go on a healthy diet low in sugar and fat. 

As trivial as it may sound, try to exercise regularly. If you’re active during the day, you’ll have the energy to stay up late. The healthy habits you form now will create the foundation for your future together. Some couples exercise together because they can motivate each other, even at times when they feel exhausted. 

7. Hold Hands and Hug 

It’s important to keep doing things like hugging and holding hands every day after you’re married. Physical contact is not something to be neglected. With time, spouses become more complacent and less spontaneous. They lose themselves in chores, work, or social media. This has an obviously detrimental effect on their interactions, including sexual ones. 

8. Organize Getaways 

This is important for people who are very busy to the point of missing each other completely during the day. To make up for your hectic everyday life, plan a weekend getaway. Every evening and weekend may have been romantic before you were married. After a few years have passed, it’s easy to wonder where that went. It becomes hard to find intimate ‘couple time’. 

Happy tourist couple in vacation
Sexual health tip: travel and explore with your partner!

Perhaps a romantic holiday out of town or abroad is not manageable financially. That shouldn’t deter you. The answer can be as simple as transforming your home into a love nest with wine, flowers, romantic music, and candlelight. To take things outside your home, book a night at a campsite if the weather’s good. If not, try a bed and breakfast or a local hotel and leave your computer and phone in another room. 

9. Maintain Your Sexual Bond

Our final point introduces the idea of maintenance sex. This is a provenly effective approach to deal with differing interest levels and unequal sex drives. To keep things going, one partner might just agree to sex without having the desire for it. It’s important to discuss this and keep it from happening.

Attractive couple sharing intimate moments in bedroom
Sexual health tip: Keep things intimate!

Maintenance sex should be received with love, appreciation, and respect. It can help sustain your emotional and sexual bond. This, in turn, will make your marriage stronger as a whole. Of all the things that set your marital relationship apart from other human relationships, sexual intimacy is perhaps the most important and has to be well-maintained. 

As you can see, being married is no reason to say goodbye to sexual enjoyment. There is no shortage of ways to keep the spark alive and keep your relationship from going stale.

There you have it. 9 great sexual health tips to keep you and your partner happy, and healthy and having fun together!

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