A Gift-Giver’s Guide To Stuffing Christmas Stockings


Here are 5 helpful tips for the gift-givers looking to stuff Christmas stockings with awesome and thoughtful gifts.

When Christmas comes around, one of the most exciting things (even as an adult) can be rushing to the mantle to grab your Christmas stocking.


The history of the Christmas stocking is one that spans from the 14th century and beyond. It is said that St. Nicholas had snuck into a poverty-stricken man’s home to sneak some gold coins into the end of each of his daughter’s socks. Whether you believe this story to be true or not, there is no doubt that Christmas stockings are a fantastic way to bring some joy and excitement into any child’s life. 

Today, we have a look at our top 5 tips when it comes to stuffing the perfect Christmas stockings, so without further ado, let’s get (Christmas) cracking! 

Say No To Impersonal Items

When it comes to the perfect Christmas stocking fillers, our number one tip is to stay away from purchasing generic items that you can get from the dollar store. While many items such as mini candy canes, erasers and other small plastic toys may seem like ideal things to find in any Christmas stocking, they may not be as exciting to receive as you may think.

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In order to ensure that your stocking is a delight to explore, you should aim to focus on items that you know will be both useful and meaningful to whomever receives them. Another good rule of thumb is to try your best to personalise the gifts and items you put in each and every stocking. Small items like mini candy canes and erasers can still find their way into your finished stockings, but they’ll be better received if they’re in flavours or shapes that are meaningful to your gift’s recipient.

Size Matters

The last thing you want is for a filled Christmas stocking to still look like it is empty, which is why ensuring that you purchase items of different sizes is key. We highly recommend opting for a mix of one or two large items along with 3-4 smaller sized gifts to ensure that your stocking looks like it is filled to the brim with an assortment of amazing goodies. Another tip is to choose a Christmas stocking of appropriate size so that you are guaranteed that it looks filled to the cuff! If you can’t find a stocking to fit your needs, why not go DIY?

Customise Each Stocking

Considering we all have a wide variety of different interests, customising the contents of each stocking is always a fantastic idea. What does your kid (or friend/family member) love? For example, if you know that someone has a keen interest in all things gardening related, a stocking filled with some gardening supplies such as a trowel, seeds and gardening gloves is definitely something that they’ll appreciate.

The same concept applies to children too — if a child is an avid sports fan and budding athlete, you could include items such as a jersey or player trading cards. There’s no doubt that they will be over to receive such an intuitive, personalised gift.

Create New Traditions (Or Stick To Old Ones!) 

Traditions are often passed down from generation to generation and are a fantastic way to create strong family ties and lifelong memories. For example, if it is customary for everyone in the family to receive their favourite candy or chocolate bar, be sure to keep that tradition going! If your family or friend group doesn’t already have a Christmas stocking tradition, it just may be time to create new ones.

Traditions can be funny, entertaining and even downright silly – for example, you could make it a tradition for everyone to purchase funny underwear for each other. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to pick a or stick to a tradition that you know will be well loved by all. 

Include Practical Items

Last but not least, including at least a few practical items is always a great idea when filling your Christmas stockings. Everyone needs a new toothbrush, t-shirt or set of toiletries, and purchasing these items is a great way to ensure that your Christmas stocking is a balance of both fun and practical. You could even include items such as facemasks, scented hand sanitiser lip balms and other useful bits and bobs that you know are sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives a stocking! 

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Christmas stockings don’t have to be tacky or full of generic items that are of no use to anyone. In fact, Christmas stockings are a fantastic addition to any Christmas celebration and are a great way to bring a smile to friends, family members and loved ones. They are a highly versatile gift that can often be exponentially exciting to receive over just one large standalone present, so why not try the Christmas stocking craze this holiday season?

We hope that this article has inspired you to fill your stockings like never before! Happy holidays!

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