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All about Pokies: the Aussie and NZ craze explained

All about Pokies: the Aussie and NZ craze explained

Aussies and Kiwis are hooked on Pokies. Why are these slot machines so popular downunder? Let us explain all about Pokies.

Pokies, also known as slot machines, has become somewhat of an Aussie and New Zealand favourite pass-time. Pubs will stay open until 4AM because just how popular this craze has become. Here’s why.


There are many names for slot machines. Modern European and American players call them slots; the British call them fruit machines, and experienced gamblers still use the expression “one-armed bandits.” And in New Zealand, these machines are called pokies.

The name “pokies” has appeared during the development of slot machines due to the distant similarity of the game on machines to poker. The article provides interesting details about the origin of the term, and why the best pokies for NZ players are so popular these days.

What Are Online Pokies?

Pokies are slot machines with various configurations and specifications that are popular in New Zealand. It is a mistake to think that pokies are a separate type of gaming machine with specific features. The concept includes both classic three-reel slots and the latest five- or nine-reel slots.

Slot machine/Pokies Australia and NZ

The term “pokies” itself appeared at the end of the 19th century. The first slot machines really imitated the famous card game in many ways:

  • The symbols on the reels were represented by cards from a standard deck;
  • Prizes were awarded for the formation of classic poker combinations;
  • The size of the award was determined by the value of the dropped card combination.

Pokies formed the basis of modern video poker. Pokies themselves developed in a different direction. The first impetus in the history of slot machines as a separate category of games was given by Charles Fay who invented the legendary Liberty Bell slot machine. The one-armed bandit employed not only card suits but also new symbols: horseshoes, stars, bells, and sevens. 

This is how the first classic slot machines appeared. But with the development of computer technology, the number of possible configurations, themes, and functional features of pokies has increased. Nowadays, you can choose from games featuring different themes, bonus games, special features, reels, and pay lines.

Top 3 Pokies Games in NZ

Feel lost and have no idea what pokies to play? No rush – check the below options and pick any of them.

5 Dragons

5 Dragons is an Asian-themed game with many ways to win. You can choose from a range of free play options and possible win multipliers.

More Chile

This popular pokie game offers a completely new style of free spins, including a Power Pay bet option. You can unlock additional reel sets and guaranteed wilds.

King of the Nile

The game is released in a 20-line format only. To give the game a special touch, you have a second chance at the end of the free spins.

Winning the jackpot


Pokies is software based on mathematical calculations. They can work according to different algorithms. There are both high-quality algorithms and low-quality ones. The better the circuit is, the more reliable it is. How to win in slots in this case? Follow recommendations from professional players: strategies, methods of decreasing and increasing rates.

It is also worth considering the fact that most often each new number is generated as follows. Some basic number (or several) is taken, a mathematical operation is performed and the output is another number (result), which has nothing to do with the basic one. Knowing this, there is always an opportunity to hit the jackpot.