Does the Duration of the Casino Game Matter?


Time is money, so, in that case, does the duration of the casino game actually matter? Here are some helpful tips to get you your first big win online.

Pokies is an all-time favourite pass-time for Aussies but like any high-stakes and high-takes game, the risk can sometimes outweigh the reward… unless you play a cold and calculated game.


Online casinos, also called online casinos, are becoming more and more popular every day. And the reason for this is the immense desire to hit the jackpot. As time goes on, more and more strategies appear in such games. But newcomers understand them much later. Maybe, after they lose a fortune in the first pursuit of money or do not familiarize themselves with the rules.

But not everyone is so unlucky. Many immediately resort to the help of more experienced gamers, which is not a mistake, who managed to know all the joys and bitterness of earning by such methods.

As elsewhere, slots have a set of rules that will allow you not to waste all your money in the first hours or days:

  • You cannot spend your last money relying only on luck, because if you want to benefit and only win, then it is impossible. Invest only free money to keep the game relaxed;
  • Limit amounts established to control the situation. There is even a specific name for them, which you will learn about later;
  • Bets select according to their bankroll;
  • Playing on demo tables is not considered shameful, but on the contrary, it will help you learn how to play, so you should not neglect them. They will help you develop a personal strategy. You don’t need real money for this;
  • Blocking an emotion is very important. Stick to only strategies and your mind;
  • Do not hope for a stable income. It is just entertainment that will bring money or vice versa, but it will take care of a well-spent time.

Game Symbols

Symbols divide into four main categories. They are all very similar to each other. It is in order not to confuse and not complicate the life of the player. So it is much easier to jump from one machine to another.

  • Wild is the simple bonus. If all symbols are identical in one line and one is Wild. Then the player gets everything by calculation. The amount becomes more significant with the presence of several Wild bonuses in the line;
  • Expanding Wilds – Expanding Wilds bring huge cash dividends to the entire line of icons;
  • Stacked Wilds are a kind of Wild particle. It means that it appears on several cells and allows you to collect a unique, rare combination. The profit will be much higher than the one that the player has defended;
  • Scatter is a rarity during the game. It opens and allows you to make money in the bonus game along the way.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses are a great motivator to attract new players to the casino and keep old ones. There are several types of bonuses, which can be not only cash. But also in the form of a certain number of free reel spins, often called free spins. Other types include bonuses accrued for each deposit and cashbacks, which are the consolation prizes for those players who have lost more than won.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

To deposit in an online casino, you can use a bank card, Qiwi, Webmoney, etc. The funds are immediately credited to the account and are available for placing bets. If you win, you can order the withdrawal of money from the casino. But some rules apply here: 

  1. You must verify. The player must provide scanned copies of documents;
  2. You can withdraw money only to the same account from which the deposit was made;
  3. Withdrawal terms take from several hours to several weeks;
  4. There are limits and restrictions on one-time withdrawal amounts, as well as daily and monthly.

You need to know all the rules before placing bets. If necessary, you can ask a question to the technical support service.

Casinos and Times

Often, most online slots have a stable length of time. These are games that are fashionable to play from 5 to 10 minutes. Of course, you can find both faster one-minute slots and 15-minute slots. The length of a game in an online casino does not matter because the probability of winning remains the same. It all depends on the personal preferences and desires of the player. If you need to dip in the atmosphere and enjoy a game – extended slots are more suitable for you. If you want to try as many new things as possible – fast online slots are the perfect solution!

casino times
Casino game: slots (pokies) and others playable online.

You can enjoy playing at an online casino anywhere and anytime. The current level of technological progress allows a person to play wherever there is a computer and the Internet. Moreover, today many online casinos have a mobile version of the game client. So you can get pleasure and an adrenaline rush everywhere.

In any online casino, you get various bonuses: for registration, deposit, or a good game. You can also take part in the drawing of different gifts and prizes. It all depends on the bonus policy of each gambling establishment.

The selection of online casino games is not limited to classic entertainment such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and slots. The leading gambling establishments of the Internet provide their players with more than 100 different games for every taste and color.

There is no problem with the size of the rates. You can play both for small amounts (from 1 cent) and for large ones. Moreover, in the latter case, you will receive VIP status, a personal manager, a variety of delicious promotions, bonuses, and other goodies.

The most significant advantage of playing on the Internet is that online casinos have not been forbidden, unlike conventional gambling establishments. After all, not all players love casinos so much that they are ready to go to other cities for the sake of excitement.

Advantages of playing long-term online slots:

  • Music – yours, the one that you like!
  • Coffee – made to your taste, but you have to prepare it yourself.
  • You can always watch TV while playing.
  • You choose your social circle yourself.
  • Travel costs – 0!

However, playing in a convenient place does not offer the convenience of a casino. For example, a restaurant or a bar where you can always have a snack or drink something unique and even served on a tray right to your table by an attractive waitress. In an online casino, you have to do everything yourself.


Online casino slots are very different. They differ both in the duration of the game and indifferent bonuses. Depending on your activity, the amount of money, and actions, bonuses may increase.

The duration of a game in an online casino does not play a significant role and only depends on personal preferences and wishes. For example, you can choose the new online pokies Australia, Canada and UK gamblers like so much! There is everything here for both a beginner and an experienced player. New bonuses, slot features, free spins, and a lot of surprises!

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