FAMILY SECRET: Is Hunter the biological father of Natalie Biden?

Mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky... The Biden family!

“Daddy,” Hunter’s laptop reveal relationship between 13-year-old Natalie Biden is creepy unless he’s her biological father.

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Leaked messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop, that has now been officially verified, reveal a drug-fueled romance between his brother’s wife, child endangerment, and a family secret about Beau Biden’s death. Is the Biden family covering up who the real father of Natalie is and what really led to Beau’s death?

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Message between Hunter Biden and other family members including his brother’s widow, Hallie Olivere Biden, hint at an affair that took place before Beau’s death in 2015, going back as far as 20 years. According to the leaked messages, both of them made “terrible mistakes” and were high on drugs while his brother was still alive.

Although not implicitly stated, the message suggest that the romance between Hunter and Hallie started while Beau was abroad on an operation for the US military and that the affair continued for many years behind his brother’s back.

Is Hunter Biden the father of Natalie?

In bizarre and often inappropriate messages, Natalie Biden, Hunter’s then 13-year-old niece, would refer to Hunter as “Unca”, a combination of the word “uncle” and “pa”.

Out of all of the people he messages, Natalie was the one who he frequently told that he loved. He would Face Time her several times a day, most times just before bed.

Beau's funeral (2015)
Left to right: Robert Hunter II, Hunter Biden, Hallie Olivere, Joe Biden, Natalie Biden, Jill Biden,

The messages and Face Time calls come across as very creepy given the context that he’s just her uncle, however, if there is more to the story it may explain why he’s so close to Natalie. Is Hunter Biden Natalie’s father?

Natalie admits that she loves and “believes in” Hunter more than her own biological father, clearly indicating that two of them have bonded a lot since before 2018 when she was only 13-years-old

Daddy Biden
“You are a father to me,” says Natalie.

Why would Hunter assume his 13-year-old niece was thinking of him when she said “daddy” and why can’t she forgive her daddy. For abandoning them? For the affair he had with her mother or for something even worse.

From Biden’s laptop: Daddy?

In a later message Hunter refers to a “horrible decision” he made that caused Natalie “so much pain.” He then mentions that both him and Beau consulted doctors to make the right choice. What choice was that? Is it the choice that ultimately lead to Beau’s death? Was he pulled off life support?

"I can't stand myself" ... "horrible decisions"
From Hunter Biden’s laptop: “I can’t stand myself” … “horrible decisions”

Why was a 48-year-old crack head confiding so much in a 13-year-old girl. Why was he relentlessly apologizing for his decisions, and for causing Natalie, specifically, so much pain?

Hunter later revealed that Hallie accused him of being inappropriate with his niece during Face Time calls, and in private. Hunter went to his father, current sitting US president Joe Biden, and asked him to take care of the situation fearing that these kind of allegations could have him locked away for life.

However, strangely, Hallie makes no such claims in the leaked direct messages. So, either it happened during a Face Time chat or Hunter was projecting it his guilt. However, it was serious enough for him to go to his father for help.

Just a creepy uncle?

If the messages are read with the context of Hunter being Natalie’s biological father, they don’t seem as creepy. But there are still many red flags in all the conversations, and still so many unanswered questions.

Why would Hallie allow her daughter to Face Time with her uncle while he was high on drugs. Why would she allow her to travel by herself to see him, being fully aware of the sort of lifestyle he was living… and why, if the allegations of abuse are true, why hasn’t she done anything about it?

Natalie Biden pregnant
Natalie, 15, reading book on Biden corruption while appearing to be pregnant.

Hunter, Natalie and Hallie attend therapy sessions for whatever happened between them. During one of these therapy sessions, Hallie allegedly accused Hunter of Face Timing with Natalie nude while he was high.

Natalie also seems to believe that the reason that Hallie and Hunter don’t get along is her fault. What could Natalie possible think she has done to make Hunter fear that they will charge him for abusing a minor?

Banned from seeing her.
“We are not allowed each other,” says Hunter to Natalie.

“I will show you I love you by never doing that again,” Hunter says in a text message to his 13-year-old niece. Whatever he’s talking about is never actually mentioned in any of the chats. However, Hunter — on many occasions — has alluded to it being sexual in nature.

Delete these messages… only on Face Time!

“Erase these text messages,” Hunter hesitates before stressing that he’s worried that the message will prove that Hallie is right about Hunter and will stop him from seeing her ever again.

Sexually motivated abuse?
Hunter Biden’s laptop: Sexually motivated abuse?

Shortly after begging Hallie to send Natalie to see him, Hunter sends a shocking admission, saying that he fears that he may have sexually abused her but can’t be sure because he had a “black out.”

He also exposed that this affair goes back 20-years, and that the past three, specifically where he was accused of abusing Natalie, were a complete blur.

The messages also imply that Hallie Olivere was fully complicit in the abuse and Hunter takes the blame for seducing her into being irresponsible, concluding that Natalie is safer away from him.

Hallie also admits that she relapses every time she goes back to Hunter and reveals that they are both guilty of what happened to Natalie. She asks him to get sober for their children’s safety so things can return to normal, adding “nothing is irreparable.”

Natalie thinks Hunter abused her.

It gets worse. According to Hunter Biden, the allegations of abuse actually came from his 13-year-old niece.

“Natalie thinks I molested her,” Hunter wrote to his wife’s widow. Hunter clearly appears to victim blame or gaslight Natalie, saying that she doesn’t understand what he did to her. If she feels molested, then surely he did something wrong.

Hunter to Hallie: "Natalie thinks I molest her."
Biden’s Laptop: Natalie thinks Hunter molests her…

Hunter then proceeds to turn it around and blame Hallie for her abuse insinuating that Natalie knows her secrets too, adding, “your daughter knows everything about you an will never respect you.”

Then, for some reason, he feels its necessary to out Robert Hunter Biden, her then 14-year-old son she strangely decided to name after Hunter.

“You don’t know that Hunter [Robert Hunter Biden II] is gay and you have him thinking he is stupid!” Older Biden claims, questioning Hallie’s parenting.

What’s happening?!

There’s way too much in Hunter’s “laptop from hell” to tackle in one article. However, it is clear that there was a long term fling between Hallie and Hunter that potentially started while Beau was overseas. A drug-fueled romance that began before Natalie or Robert Hunter Biden were born.

Hunter’s constant contact with Natalie while barely talking to Robert although he claims to be some kind of father figure to them is definitely a red flag.

Unca Hunt.
Unca Hunt.

Did Beau find about his wife’s affair with his brother? Did he perhaps discover that Natalie and Robert Hunter weren’t not his kids? Why does Hunter feel like he’s being blamed for the death of his own brother? So many questions.

Regardless, whether Hunter is Natalia Biden’s biological father, that does not excuse his admissions, nor does it excuse or explain why OAN host Chanel Rion verified that inappropriate images of a 14-year-old Natalia were discovered on his laptop among a plethora of other questionable and illegal content.

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