How do you check an online casino trust and reputation?

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How do you check the reputation and legitimacy of an online casino? Here’s a quick guide to help high-stake gamers for betting on the wrong site.

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Online betting is increasing in popularity as popular Twitch streamers like xQc and Roshtein are raking in big money during their livestreams. But before you decide to join the high rollers you should probably check the reputation of the site; here’s how.

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In recent times, the online casino has taken the gaming/gambling industry by storm, with increasing popularity daily. And you would agree that the tons of bonuses, wide game selection, and free games can be easily accessible in the best online casinos Australia.

If you recently got into the online casino gambling industry, there are a few things you need to know before picking which to patronize. This write-up promises to inform you about how to identify a reputable online casino by checking its trust and reputation. Let’s see about six ways you can verify an online casino’s safety and authenticity.

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A major concern you should have before engaging in any bet or gameplay with an online casino is licensing and certification. Under no circumstances should you engage with an online casino lacking certification and licensing from a government body. A trustworthy online casino will have a regulation certificate by a third-party body like eCOGRA and the UK Gambling Commission. These third-party bodies typically analyze online casino’s RNG software, banking terms and methods, payout percentages, and game functionality.

Licensing and Certification

If you should deposit any money or write the details of your banking account on sites without certification, you run the risk of getting scammed. Generally, a reputable online casino with licensing and certification is pretty easy to spot. Some of them typically present their license upfront on the homepage. Although an online scam casino can forge licensing and certifications on their website, you can verify with the regulating body in your state. 

Necessary Requirements For Registration

Primarily, any online casino site involving real money mainly requires that new users go through a two-phase registration process. The two-phase registration is such that it allows vital information sharing between the casino and new users in case there are future mishaps. Typically, the first phase of the registration involves signing up with the casino. This is where you input your full name, username, email address, phone number, and home address. Then, the second phase of the registration would involve funding your online casino account.

Some casinos might go even further to ask for additional documents like a national identity verification. However, all these verifications must happen under the casino encrypted platform to protect users’ personal information. If your chosen online casino does not have an encrypted platform for this registration, it might be a scam site. Furthermore, an untrusted online casino would irregularly ask for your details and document multiple times and during unnecessary instances. When you spot this nature in a casino, you need to ensure you stay away from it to avoid losing your money.

Number of Games and Players

Another way to ascertain whether an online casino is legit and worth your time is to spot the number of games and players it has in its database. Generally, when an online casino is legit, reliable, and trustworthy, it usually has many players and free pokie games for mobile phone. Sometimes, many trustworthy online casinos reveal the number of active users they have on their web page. They do this to provide assurance to new users and inform newbies about the love people have for their platform. On the other hand, a casino with a small number of users usually has a low payout percentage, poor game selection, or high withdrawal fees.

Additionally, the number of available casino games tells a lot about the online platform’s reputation. A trustworthy and reliable online casino would have a large number of good-quality games for users to play. Not only would their games be much, but they should also have at least one developed by any of the industry’s leading gaming developers. Some of such top developers include:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • and several more.

Note! If the online casino lacks up to 5 – 7 games on its platform, it might be untrusted, especially if none are from one of the top developers. It always (literally) pays to check their reputation before hand!

Payment and Security Methods

Primarily this formula applies to all online gaming or activity platform; the higher safety of a site, the better value it presents. Users’ safety and security in online casinos are regarded in the highest esteem because they deal with earned monies by their players. And for any old or new gambler, the safety of your money and personal details should be of your utmost concern. This is why third-party bodies carefully review and scrutinize their secure payment methods and technicalities during licensing and certification of online casinos.

Additionally, a trustworthy online casino would have several payment and withdrawal options. Therefore, you will never get restricted to only one payment way. And the available payment options would mainly be from top and famous finance operators. Also, before proceeding to use any online casino, you should check the encryption system in use on the platform. Primarily, all reliable casinos use either the 128-bit or 256-bit SSL as a form of heightened security on their platform.


Believe it or not, any genuinely trustworthy and reliable online casino would be famous in the gambling community. You shouldn’t expect a reliable casino with a good reputation to stay unnoticed and hidden. All trustworthy and reliable online casinos have gotten a review from expert gambling personnel. Most times, before any expert reviews a casino, the gambling platform must have had a form of certification from a regulatory agency. 

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A reliable and trustworthy online casino would have reviews that supersede the average rating. This means most reviewers will likely give it a 3/4/5 on a 5-point rating scale. Anything below the middle or just at the margin might often be unreliable. If you want to be sure and entirely certain about your deposited funds, you can check several online casino review sites to view comments. Note that you might see a negative comment or review, but it doesn’t automatically translate to the casino been a scam. The online casino becomes a problem when there are multiple negative comments about it.

Fair Gaming Practices

Here’s the truth with online casinos, if you are an active player, you must win at some point in your gamble. You cannot possibly lose all the time, and this is because of the Random Number Generator (RNG) system in place on any online casino. It ensures that every game you play has to do with luck and skill. However, some malicious casinos never employ the RNG software because they partake in the rigging of the games to favour themselves. You can read up the terms and conditions and policies of a given online casino to ascertain if they use this software before engaging their services.


As you may know, the online casino is a large and growing gambling community with new players daily. However, to make the community safer for players, specific rules have been put in place to ensure no tricks would result in the loss of user funds. Nevertheless, if you are unsure of a particular online casino, you can use any of the mentioned ways to differentiate a trustworthy platform with a good reputation from an unreliable one.

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