How have smartphones become the ultimate entertainment source?


Smartphones are the most used entertainment devices; whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or even gaming — phones are the most use devices.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ll be fully aware of society’s reliance on modern-day smartphones. In fact, when assessing the rise of technology, mobile phones have certainly been one of the biggest growers when assessing the different types of tech-related products we’re now using.

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It’s entirely understandable why smartphones have risen to prominence in the modern world too, especially when you factor in the all-round power and sophistication they now boast compared to the chunky devices that resembled bricks in the past.

Devices manufactured by the likes of Apple possess more power than many of the computers much of society grew up with, offering detailed applications we can download and even allowing us to navigate our way around the country, be it with the help of Google Maps or a built-in satellite navigation system. They’re remarkable little machines, really. But what else can you do on a mobile phone that has helped them become more than just a communication tool and the ultimate entertainment source for people?

The rise of social media 

One of the main entertainment options on a smartphone device is social media. With the rise of the influencer and people hoping to go viral, users can dive in and out of their timelines as and when it suits them. Along the way, there’s engaging content to keep them entertained, alongside the ability to interact with friends and share images of memorable occasions. Catching up on social media is a go-to option for many people when they’re bored, largely because it’s there and instantly accessible, but also because it’s a way we can all communicate with each other and not miss out on the latest trends, news and the like. 

Mobile gaming is booming 

One of the main reasons why people turn to a smartphone device when boredom sets in is to access the comprehensive selection of mobile games that are typically housed on one. Given the continued innovation on earth, mobile phones have been on the receiving end of a number of makeovers. As such, the games they can now host have never been so impressive and represent a genuine alternative to purchasing an expensive console machine.

From pokies at an online casino to console games now making the transition to mobile, people aren’t short on options if they want to dive for a mobile gaming marathon.

Girl playing video game on smartphone
Girl playing video game entertainment on smartphone

The games are better than ever too, with improved graphics and gameplay on show in a number of releases these days. Additionally, mobile gamers can snap up accessories to improve the experience on offer, like a joystick or a VR headset. Throw in the convenience factor of mobile gaming, with gamers being able to enjoy it whenever and wherever they want, and it’s easy to see why society is now mobile gaming.

Instead of listening to music on old-fashioned stereo systems and accessing portable devices like a walkman, people can now jive along to their favourite tunes while they’re commuting to work on the bus in the morning. Given the rise of streaming services like Spotify, people can now enjoy an extensive library of music on the go. All you need is a smartphone and some earbuds, and you’re good to go. 

Watching movies and TV shows 

Alongside the aforementioned offerings, people keep themselves entertained by accessing an array of movies and television shows, too. Just like the music streaming package available, people can access sites like Netflix and choose from thousands of productions from their smartphones. Who needs their couch at home when they’ve found a comfortable chair in a coffee shop, right?

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