How Roshtein Makes His Millions Streaming Pokies on Twitch


Twitch streamer Roshstein earns millions playing Pokies and free online casino games on top of ad revenue and big partnership affiliate deals.

While some Twitch streamers are making bank in the competitive Esports scene, people like Roshtein are giving even the most popular gamers a run for their money streaming casual online games such as best australian pokies online.

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One of the golden rules of casino gaming is that the house always wins. It’s an axiom that is used to instill caution in those who think they can make a profit from playing casino games and to remind them that in the long run, they are on a fool’s errand. Except that’s not entirely accurate.

This is the age of opportunities and there are some who have found a way to make casino gaming profitable for both themselves and the casino. Roshtein is arguably the biggest example of that principle in action. 

Who is Roshstien?

In case you’ve spent the past few years living in a cave, Roshtein is a Twitch streamer. Unlike Ninja, Shroud and the rest, though, he’s not interested in Fortnite or League of Legends. Instead, Roshtein has made his fortune playing free pokies games and streaming them on Twitch and YouTube. It all began in 2015, when Roshtein, a keen gambler on the pokies, took to Twitch in order to share details of his first big win. It was entitled Winning €5000 and €900 in under 20min, and while it lacked the polish and professionalism of what was to come, it captured people’s attention. Roshtein was on his way.

In subsequent years, Roshtein’s natural showmanship and flair for operating in front of the camera has been able to show through. After all, there is otherwise a limit to how interesting you will find it watching someone else play casino games, even if they get plenty of wins. Roshtein adds his own pizzazz and it keeps them coming back for more. 

Twitch streamer Roshtein and his dog

A little more than five years down the line, Roshtein has accumulated more than half a million followers on his Twitch channel. He also streams to YouTube, where he has almost 50,000 subscribers, and he maintains an active presence on all the major social media sites, with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

That sort of popularity doesn’t just appear by accident. Roshtein is serious about his casino gaming and he streams for more than nine hours every day, keeping a regular and consistent schedule so that his subscribers and followers know when to tune in. That, you might say, is all highly impressive and creditable. But how does it translate to money in the bank?

Twitch revenue 

There are a couple of ways you can make money on Twitch. The first and most obvious is through user donations, and the second is through advertising. There’s a clever piece of software that can work this out quite accurately for any Twitch user, and it tells us that Roshtein makes something between $2,500 and $3,000 for every video he streams.

If we go with the mid-point and assume he only broadcasts five videos a week (it’s usually more), that alone brings him about $750,000 per year. But that’s only the beginning.

Free betting money

Roshtein is box office, and that makes him a valuable commodity in the online casino market. Rumor has it that he gets up to 400 percent bonuses from whatever online casino he is streaming – after all, he’s essentially presenting them with a live streamed commercial that is being broadcast for hours to tens of thousands of online casino enthusiasts. Even if he loses on the pokies, the casino will ensure he has plenty of bonus money in his account to play again.

This wealthy Twitch lad can afford to be patient when it comes to pay out. Sometimes your winnings can be put on hold and you’ll be forced to wait for them to process your money, that’s why most people look for sites the fastest withdrawal in this bitcoin casino and betting industry.

Affiliate Deals 

The affiliate deals are arguably the most lucrative part of all in Roshtein’s business model. When you take a look at his website, you can see well over a dozen different online casinos that he is promoting. Whenever someone clicks on one of his links or uses a bonus code or discount voucher, it is money in the bank. Exactly how much is difficult to say, but it’s fair to assume that this probably generates even more than his Twitch revenue and takes his overall annual income towards the $2 million region. 

Beating the house

There’s one other important area of income that adds to Roshtein’s wealth, and it is the one that is staring us in the face. He plays casino games for a living, and people pay money to watch him do so. That wouldn’t have developed into a multi million dollar money maker if he wasn’t good at what he does. Sure, the house always wins in the end, but Roshtein understands the principles of the pokies.

He knows which games to play, when to push the boat out and when discretion should be the better part oof valor. He’s had some serious wins over the years, and only a few weeks ago he scooped €1 million playing Book of Shadows. It all adds to the Roshtein bank balance and, of course, to the Roshtein legend. 

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