Is Alec Baldwin being investigated for murder?


Alec Baldwin is being investigated for shooting and killing his cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, and murder is not ruled out.

After watching Alec Baldwin’s ABC interview, investigators believe he is not telling the whole truth. On the set of Rust, the 63-year-old Drunk Parents actor shot and killed his cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. He may have been aware that he had a loaded gun.


Authorities appear to have been prepared to dismiss Halyna Hutchins’ death as a tragic on-set accident. However, after Baldwin claimed that he did not put his finger on the trigger and that the gun fired on its own, investigators believe he is lying in order to avoid a manslaughter charge, or worse.

Numerous firearms experts have already refuted Baldwin’s claims that the pistol can fire on its own without the user pulling the trigger, let alone with their finger on the trigger. “Baldwin’s finger would have needed to be firmly on the trigger for the gun to fire when he half-cocked it,” one expert concluded.

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Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin both removed their social media accounts within hours of the ABC interview airing. There is a possibility that this has something to do with the fact that he is being probed for murder right now.

The investigation took a turn when the film’s [Rust] armourer Hannah Gutierrez Reed told police that she was confident that she handed the producers a “cold gun” which means that she had checked and confirmed that the gun was not loaded. Ms Reed is even willing to testify, under oath, that the gun was not loaded.

Live round loaded when Baldwin had gun.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer said that the live round was placed in the firearm after she handed it over to the production team.

Reed’s lawyer said that as the ammunition was left unattended from roughly 11am to 1pm that day, there was a two-hour window for another crew member to mix a live round into the box.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Rust armourer
Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Rust armourer, says it was a “cold gun.”

“We’re assuming somebody put the live round in that box – which, if you think about that, the person who put the live round in the box of dummy rounds had to have the purpose of sabotaging the set.”

According to insiders, morale was quite low on the set. Because of the low budget and lack of attention paid to the production, some members of the crew suspected that the film was some sort of insurance fraud or money laundering scam. Many people questioned whether or not the film would ever be completed.

Baldwin’s phone key evidence.

Furthermore, in an interview with ABC, Alec Baldwin alludes to knowing that a live bullet was in the gun by raising a modicum of doubt by stating that he never placed his finger on the trigger.

Alec Baldwin on phone
Jobs done? Alec Baldwin’s phone evidence in Rust {money laundering} murder.

As a response to Baldwin’s bald claims, the authorities have issued a search warrant for his phone, emails, and text messages.

Almost two weeks after the prosecutor in charge of the investigation said that some people who handled guns while making a movie could be charged with crimes, a search warrant and affidavit were filed in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court on Thursday (Friday AEDT).

Baldwin impedes investigation.

The warrant said that investigators could take Baldwin’s iPhone to look at text messages, emails, social network messages, browser history, and other information on it, according to the documents.

Alexandria Hancock, a sheriff’s detective, said in her affidavit that after she asked Baldwin and his lawyer for their phone, she was told to get a warrant and get a court order to get it.

If Baldwin had absolutely nothing to hide and really wanted justice for Halyna Hutchins then why would he refuse to help investigators with the case? Why wouldn’t he hand over his iPhone to prove his innocence?

The conspiracy theories.

There are a couple of conspiracy theories about the Alec Baldwin shooting, and although they are interesting, they are certainly not proof that Ms Hutchins was murdered.

Halyna was about to sue Baldwin.

The first conspiracy theory is that Halyna Hutchins was about to expose the producers of Rust for insurance fraud, including Alec Baldwin. Just hours before the fatal shooting Hutchins’ camera crew walked off the New Mexico set to protest the working conditions. Many crew members didn’t even believe they were shooting a real movie. The theory claims that Hutchins was ready to expose and sue the producers for insurance fraud.

Ms Hutchins dead
Murder? Insider claims Halyna was about to expose Rust producers for insurance fraud or money laundering.

They were unhappy about long hours, low pay, and the fact that they had to drive 50 miles to Santa Fe from Albuquerque instead of staying at a hotel in the city. This were shocked how this was a low-budget movie — reportedly only USD$7M — despite having 13 major producers.

She was Clinton’d.

Another wild theory suggests that this was a political hit. Halyna’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, just recently started working for a powerhouse law firm that represented the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign in multiple litigations. Briefly after Mathew Hutchins joined the law firm, the lead attorney who represented the Clintons was indicted for giving a false statement to the FBI.

Alec Baldwin and Bill Clinton
Alec Baldwin and Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s human trafficking Island.

Before Halyna became a cinematographer, she was a investigative reporter who worked in Europe exposing political corruption.

Reuters confirms: “Hutchins, 42, who was originally from Ukraine and grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle, once worked as an investigative reporter in Europe.”

Believers in this conspiracy theory believe that this is not a coincidence and that Matthew Hutchins was the whistleblower who led to the indictment of the Clinton lawyer.

Alec Baldwin is quite connected to the Clinton family and was even spotted on Epstein’s private jet flight log travelling to the infamous island with former US President Bill Clinton.

Whatever the case maybe, the authorities do believe there is enough of a connection to fully investigate Alec Baldwin for the murder of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust in New Mexico.

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