Is Neekolul really an anti-capitalist Twitch streamer


Twitch streamer Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez makes millions from product endorsement and sponsorships per tweet thanks to her boyfriend.

“Eat the rich” has quickly devolved into “exploit the poor,” as Neekolul now uses her social media platforms to shill for multibillion-dollar corporations. What became of Neekolul’s anti-capitalist beliefs? Is Neekolul a sell out?

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Neekolul is a bit of an anomaly when it comes famous online personalities. She seemingly appeared from nowhere with a single viral TikTok where the 20-something-year-old influencer endorsed socialist politician Bernie Sanders.

Neekolul appears in the video wearing a Bernie 2020 t-shirt while lip syncing and dancing to Senzawa‘s meme song Oki Doki boomer. The video garnered millions of views and shares and served as the catalyst for Neeokolul’s rise to prominence as a social influencer.

However, the fame she discovered did not come by naturally. Neekolul’s boyfriend, Nick Brotman, was behind the success. Nick Brotman is the cofounder of Night Media, the world’s largest talent agency for content creators. He’s even credited with getting YouTuber Mr Beast his big break. He got his social media buddies to share her video to their followers and eventually it caught on.

Neekolul Chipotle
Anti-capitalist Twitch streamer Neekolul promotes Chipotle.

While Neekolul’s fame did not come naturally, she was able to maintain a significant fan base through her charm. However, a sizable portion of her new viewers remained because they shared her political beliefs. She would berate capitalism and preach constantly about taxing the wealthy. Eventually, a good chunk of her followers recognised that she was not living up to her words.

Neekolul reportedly fled California to avoid paying so much in taxes and then purchased a multi-million dollar condo in Texas. She was also exposed poor shaming low income earners in old tweets and even bragged about being able to afford a boob job.

Now Neekolul’s Twitter timeline is filled with one corporate sponsorship after another, proving that once — and for all — that she’s definitely pro-capitalist, at least when she benefits from it.

Neekolu promotes three sponsors in the tweet above: Microsoft, Chipotle, and Highground. According to Influencer MarketingHub, Neekolul earns between USD$5000 and USD$9000 per sponsored tweet, which is closer to USD$20,000 when multiple products are endorsed in that single tweet.

Converse is a top-tier sponsor, so it’s very likely she earned at least USD$6000 from that tweet, not including free merch.

Here’s another tweet with multiple sponsors: Microsoft and Rockstar Energy. This tweet is roughly worth USD$10,000. She also boasts having an active partnership with JBL, Cash App, OMEN, Rocket, TROLY, and Grubhub.

Is Twitch streamer Neekolul really anti-capitalist?

Neekolul also earned a spot on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass add that was featured at the Game Awards 2021, which would have earned her a pretty penny.

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While it is reasonable to assume that Neekolul has now joined the ranks of those against whom she campaigned so vehemently, does this necessarily mean she has sold out? Not at all.

Nicole Sanchez has always seemed like she’s high maintenance. As her old tweets prove, she not really an anti-capitalist Twitch streamer. Neekolul has always loved money and it is more likely that she was merely pandering to her followers from the start. As for why she’d endorse Bernie Sanders? She probably doesn’t really know how taxes work and just wanted free stuff.

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