Meet the writers/cast of the worst Christmas show ever: Santa Inc.


Wonder why HBO Max Santa Inc is such a terrible Christmas show? Because these writers and cast apparently hate Christians.

Santa Inc is not about celebrating Christmas. It’s an anti-Christian political campaign written by a bunch of Grinches. Meet the progressive atheist writers and cast of this massively unfunny “Christmas show.”


Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, who are both outspoken atheists and “culturally Jewish people”, absolutely bomb in HBO Max’s new Christmas series. Although the show masquerades as a family-friendly Christmas animation, it is extremely crude, vulgar and unfunny. That’s perhaps because the creators of the show wanted to create a anti-Christian protest piece bundled up with a, as stated by Rogen himself, “a feminist agenda.”

Over 150K people have disliked the trailer for Santa Inc, while only 2K people have liked it on YouTube. Because of the overwhelming negative response to the video, HBO Max has even disabled comments on the video.

Santa Inc is the lowest rated big budget shows on iMDB and currently has a score of 1.1 out of 10. The show isn’t fairing any better on Rotten Tomatoes with an abysmal score of of 3 out of 100.

What went wrong? Well, let’s meet the writers, producers and stars of the show. There’s no surprise that none of them are Christian or even celebrate Christmas.

Alexandra Rushfield (Showrunner/Writer)

Alexandra Rushfield
Writer and producer of worst Christmas show ever: Alexandra Rushfield.

Alexandra Rushfield is a producer and writer who has worked in the television industry since she was employed as a staff writer on Judd Apatow’s Undeclared in 2001, when the show was first shown.

When she received negative feedback for scripting a Saturday Night Live comedy that both body shamed and criticised the former United States press secretary’s style, she decided to erase her social media accounts. In June 2019, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former United States Press Secretary, resigned from her position due to the relentless harassment she received from the entertainment industry.

“The very first time I played Huckabee Sanders, there was a bit that someone wrote where I was in the wings, Sean Spicer was there and I was sort of menacing, like waiting to take his job. They had me eat a piece of apple off of a knife, sort of like in ‘Indiana Jones,’ like a menacing kind of thing. There were articles printed … fat-shaming because I consumed food on camera. I think that’s the kind of thing that really made me realize people are not used to seeing fat people do anything … It was just all the more reason that I felt totally compelled to make Shrill.”

Rushfield is a Jewish woman who does not celebrate Christmas.

Guy Endore-Kraiser (Writer)

Guy Endore-Kraiser
Writer of worst Christmas: Guy Endore-Kraiser.

Guy worked as a television writer for the US reboot of Wilfred starring Elijah Wood. He has also written for the Fox television show Allen Gregory and was the creator of the syndicated comic strip Brevity.

Fun fact. He once accused Ivanka Trump of being anti-sematic. Ivanka is married to a Jewish man, Jared Kushner.

He is also a militant atheist progressive who believes that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of being a mass murderer and that all white men are white supremacists. He also hates God, Jesus, and — of course — Christmas

Harry Chaskin (Director/Animator)

Harry Chaskin
Director and animator of worst Christmas show ever: Harry Chaskin.

Harry Chaskin is a renowned stop-motion animator who has written and directed stop-motion projects for Adult Swim, Warner Bros, FunnyOrDie, College Humor and Mattel. He has worked on shows like Robot Chicken, WWE Slam City, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, and Dinosaur Office, along with dozens of commercials and music videos.

His last project before Santa Inc was a golem story from Jewish folklore called Steel Cut Oats. It’s about a washed-up boxer who builds a giant monster out of oatmeal.

Harry Chaskin does not celebrate Christmas.

Seth Rogen (Actor)

Seth Rogen
Voice actor of worst Christmas movie ever: Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen really needs no introduction. At one point in time he was the king of big screen comedy, but California seems to have radicalised him. At one point he told YouTube star Casey Neistat that getting robbed and carjacked is just a part “of the beautiful experience of living in the best city on Earth.” It wasn’t a joke.

Lately he’s made it very clear that he hates white men, white culture, and Christmas. He’s a loud and obnoxious progressive atheists that truly believes that anyone who doesn’t find him funny any more is just a white supremacist.

“Are we going to talk about the fact that you’re speaking to four Jews out of the five of us, and we made a Christmas movie?” Seth Rogen​ asked in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, as he sits next to his The Night Before co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, plus the film’s director Jonathan Levine and its producer Evan Goldberg. He later admitted that he was proud that he offended “white Christians.”

Sarah Silverman (Actor)

Sarah Silverman
Voice actor of of worst Christmas show ever: Sarah Silverman.

Sarah Silverman is another stand-up comic turned actor who once told haters where to stick it. Sadly she submitted to the mob and is worried about being cancelled… again.

Silverman believes herself to be culturally Jewish, which she has drawn upon for inspiration on numerous occasions, although she describes herself as agnostic and does not adhere to Judaism, claiming, “I have no religion.”

Silverman also slammed white people in her monologue on the HULU original Christmas special I Love America where called the war on Christmas a “complete fabrication evented by Fox News and President Trump to usher people towards their natural inclination to hate Jews, Muslim, atheist or any other non-Christians.”

Sarah Silverman, the culturally atheist Jewish woman does — also — not celebrate Christmas.

It’s clear that none of these people have any respect for Christians or their cultural and they are blatantly trying to offend and upset them. Which, according to the reviews, appears to be working. However, if the tables were turned and it was Christians mocking Jewish people, or any other religion, it would be considered highly offensive hate speech.

Perhaps releasing an R-Rated animation that insults Christians around Christmas is not great for business — after all, this is one of the lowest rated shows of all time.

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