Mobile Shelving: Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in System Selection


Mobile shelving systems can play a big part in maximising convenience and efficiency in a broad range of workplace environments. From compact offices where floor space is at a premium to the largest commercial and or industrial settings, the right mobile shelving system, such as the Compactus lockers,  can make a huge difference.

But as such systems are available in almost any imaginable specification, it’s important to select mobile shelving that aligns with your unique needs. By prioritising a few considerations before deciding which way to go, you can avoid what may prove potentially costly mistakes.

Here’s how to ensure the mobile shelving system you bring into your workplace is right for the job:

Assess Your Current and Future Requirements

Before investing in a mobile shelving system, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your storage needs. Consider the types, dimensions, and volume of items you plan to store, not just for the present but also for future growth. This foresight ensures that the chosen system is scalable and adaptable to evolving storage requirements. By taking a holistic approach, you avoid the common pitfall of outgrowing your storage solution too quickly.

Prioritize Space Planning:

Accurate measurements of your workplace are crucial when selecting a mobile shelving system. Prioritize space planning to ensure the system fits seamlessly without hindering the flow of your workspace. 

A carefully planned layout not only enhances accessibility but also prevents potential issues with the system from becoming an obstruction. This thoughtful consideration optimizes both the functionality of the shelving system and the overall workspace efficiency.

Access, Storage, and Retrieval Convenience:

Ease of access and utilization is a critical factor in the effectiveness of a mobile shelving system. Consider how convenient it will be to retrieve and store items once the system is in place. 

Evaluate whether the on-site installation aligns with your workflow, ensuring that the shelving system enhances productivity rather than causing disruptions. A well-thought-out design and installation process add to the overall convenience and effectiveness of the system.

Consider Customisation Options:

Opting for a customisable solution, such as our Compactus lockers system, provides the flexibility to tailor the shelving solution to your specific needs. This personalized approach surpasses the limitations of off-the-shelf alternatives, allowing meticulous alignment with your storage requirements.

Warehouse with empty metal shelving units
Mobile Shelving: Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in System Selection

Exploring customization options ensures that the mobile shelving system is not just a storage solution, but a tailored organizational asset designed to optimize efficiency.

Mobility and Accessibility

Evaluate the mobility and accessibility features of the shelving system. A well-designed mobile shelving system should offer easy movement and access to stored items without compromising safety. 

Consider how the system aligns with your operational processes, ensuring that it enhances accessibility without sacrificing security or causing disruptions to the workspace.

Factor in Weight Capacity

To prevent structural issues and ensure the safety of your storage solution, confirm that the mobile shelving system can bear the weight of the items you intend to store. 

Additionally, account for potential future increases in storage needs to avoid overloading the system and compromising its longevity. This forward-thinking approach safeguards against unexpected challenges as your business grows.

Prioritize Durability and Quality:

Custom Shelves
Mobile Shelving: Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in System Selection (Credit Zetong Li / Pexels)

Invest in a high-quality mobile shelving system built to withstand the demands of your workplace. Assess the materials used in construction, favouring durable options such as steel for long-term resilience. 

Prioritizing durability ensures that the shelving system remains a reliable and robust asset, contributing to sustained efficiency in your organization.

Consider Installation and Maintenance Requirements

Understand the installation process and ongoing maintenance needs of the chosen mobile shelving system. Opt for a solution that aligns with your in-house maintenance capabilities or explore vendors offering comprehensive maintenance services. 

This consideration ensures that the system remains in optimal condition, minimizing disruptions and prolonging its lifespan.

Possible Future Expansion

Anticipate future growth or changes in your storage needs when selecting a mobile shelving system. Choose a solution that can be easily expanded or reconfigured to accommodate shifts in your organizational requirements. 

A proactive approach to scalability prevents the need for frequent replacements and facilitates a seamless adaptation to evolving storage demands.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensure that the selected mobile shelving system complies with relevant workplace safety and accessibility regulations in your industry or region. 

Adhering to these standards not only promotes a safe working environment but also protects your organization from potential legal issues.

A Viable Warranty and Support

Arguably most important of all, a solid warranty and reliable support are indispensable factors for long-term satisfaction with your mobile shelving system. Before finalizing your decision, carefully review the warranty terms and assess the support services provided by the vendor. 


A proactive approach safeguards against unforeseen issues and ensures a responsive support system for any potential concerns that may arise during the system’s lifespan.

For detailed information on our innovative Compactus lockers or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Premier Lockers today.

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