Online Gambling In Australia: Everything You Need To Know

The Online gambler’s guide to Australian Casinos 2021.

Read this inclusive guide if you want to understand the Australian gambling industry and online casino culture and focus on its rules and regulations.

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The gambling sector in Australia is supported by strategic infrastructure, and the regulations are rigorously enforced to safeguard the general public.


In every country where the economy is in a stable state, and average income satisfies the population, people are sure to get drawn towards activities like gambling in their leisure time. Activities like gambling, as a result, get involved in their lifestyle if the laws of the country permit. Australia being a liberal country in itself, does allow gambling activities but with necessary cautionary. Studies have shown more than 80% of the total population of Australia has engaged in gambling activities. This signifies how the gambling industry in Australia is gaining profit with time.

The Types of Casinos Available 

The land-based casinos are in plenty within the boundaries of Australia. Gaming machines like video poker or pokies, slot machines, etc., are available in public places like pubs and bars. The Indian Dreaming free slots, for example, has been a super-hit with Australians. Online gambling services are also legalized.

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Needless to say, the revenue collected from the gambling industry is quite huge compared to the other flourishing industries based in Australia. 

Online Gambling in Australia 

According to the laws of Australia, not every kind of online gambling is permitted within the region although the interactive gambling act allows people to take part in online gambling activities lawfully. There are certain restrictions imposed upon the local gamblers, including the terms of the Interactive Gambling Act, which deals with online casino brands operating in Australia. It does not include the gamblers but the gambling authorities. In the case of online gambling, the execution of the operation happens at dual levels.

At first, the central government comes to play for passing and amending all the legislative verdicts related to the same matter. Secondly, it comes down to the regulation of gambling laws which includes the state authorities, regional as well as territorial authorities.

 All the organizations and authoritative bodies that are responsible for the execution of all the regulations related to gambling are listed below:

  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission looks after the Australian Capital Territory.
  • The Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor is for seeing the Western Australian Region. 
  • The Independent Gambling Authority looks upon the gambling regulations being maintained.
  • The Licensing Commission is responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the Northern Territory.
  • The Tasmanian Gaming Commission is given the responsibility to look after the territory of Tasmania.
  • The authority looking after the Casino and Gambling Regulations of Queensland is the office of Liquor and Gambling regulations.
  • The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor regulation patrols over the area of Victoria.
  • The Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing looks upon the New South Wales territory.
  • The activities taking place in New South Wales territory are looked upon by the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing.

Gambling Laws of Australia 

The responsibility of looking after the gambling policies has always been a matter of the state to look upon instead of the Commonwealth. It is the state agh territorial bodies of government responsible for looking after the proper regulation of these policies and the smooth operation of the casinos and other gambling operators.

The development of online gambling has made a significant change in the formulation of certain regulations which are dedicated towards the welfare of the community as well as for the betterment of the procedures attached to revenue generation.

The interactive gambling act is one noteworthy law that undertakes all gambling-related operations within the region of Australia. The act was passed in the year 2001 after being looked at by the Australian Commonwealth parliament.

The sports betting operations come under the regulations of the Totalisator Agency Board.

About Interactive Gambling Act

It is the main law in Australia directed towards taking care of all gambling activities taking place within the country. It is mostly focused on the online aspects of gambling activities and the operators. The law prohibits any online gambling activities involving real money for Australian citizens.

Moreover, the law imposes a prohibition on web-based casinos advertising any sort of gambling services to the citizens. This is to keep people from facing major backlashes falling prey to gambling addiction. So makes it illegal for any Australia-based punter to take part in online gambling. In spite of that, there are plenty of offshore gambling sites waiting to get explored by Australian players.

Deposit Options Available 

VISA Visa is regarded as one of the most popular money transfer gateways at present. It is the number one choice for online payment transfers. In addition, Australians can use their Visa credit and debit cards for placing bets at any offshore gambling sites after undergoing the compatibility check. 
MasterCard MasterCard is another such name in the world of online payment cards which Australian punters can use to fund their gambling account. MasterCard makes sure the banking details of users are protected at any cost, making it a secure payment gateway.
Poli Poli is an emerging hassle-free online payment system that Australian punters can use for gambling purposes. It minimizes the risk of the revelation of any personal or bank details. The currency that can be used while using Poli Internet banking is Australian dollars and NZ dollars. 
Neteller The year 1999 witnessed the emergence of Nettler as a valid payment gateway for online transactions, which is still maintaining its position to be one of the most preferred transaction gateways for online gamblers. People can both withdraw and deposit money using Neteller from their casino accounts. It is not only cost-effective, but the assurance of safety speaks for itself. 
Skrill Skrill is another payment system online which is comparatively new. It is both safe and convenient for using to fund online casino accounts. It does not require any additional financial or personal details for making transactions. 
Citadel Citadel is a payment method that is most favoured among Australians to transfer money and fund purchases. 


The Australian Gambling industry is made up of enriching infrastructure and makes sure the laws are well imposed, which is essential for protecting the masses.

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