Pop! Slots Game Secrets and other neat tricks

How to get more Pop! Slot machines are what every player/bettor want. Players desire to win the big reward in Pop! Slots games.

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The secrets of winning more Pop! Slots games are what every player/bettor would earnestly desire. Winning the grand prize in Pop! Slots games is what players want to happen the most. However, you would feel bad when you go through a series of losses in the Pop! Slots game, but, eventually, it would boost your confidence when you win big on free Aussie pokies.


Like every other online gaming, the Pop! Slots games have secrets of winning more games. In addition, there are certain secrets of the game that can help you change the result. But when you know the secrets, it will help you manage your resources and mindset towards the game. The Pop! Slots game is an interesting game to play as it lets you play in virtual versions of actual, real-life casinos and gives real rewards from top clubs, shows, hotels, and restaurants in many parts of the world.

When you fully understand the tips and tricks to win a Pop! Slots game, your chances are, and you would probably win most of the time. Are you just hearing about the Pop! Slots game for the first time and wish to know more? Then stay glued to this article as it reviews what Pop! Slots games are possible secrets you need to know to win more consistently.

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What is the Pop! Slots Casino Game?

Right before we dive into the secrets of winning more consistently on Pop! Slots casino games, let’s take a look at the meaning of Pop! Slots game;

A Pop! Slots game is a casino app game developed to help players play casino slots games just at their convenience from their mobile phones. The app is free, and it is available for both Android and iOS users. 

This game app comes with a lot of advantages which makes it fun and worth playing. The benefits include;

  • You get rewards such as free meals, entertainment, accommodations, dinners, VIP nightclub access just by playing the game. With no deposits, you can stand a chance of winning many amazing rewards.
  • The Pop! Slots casino can be played free without making deposits to your account.
  • This casino game app is free; hence no subscription is required to download or use the app.

The Secrets to Win

Try to Play on Small Slots

This option occurs mostly with newbies who have not been playing much on casino slot games, where usually you start with big slots or big bonus games and end up not winning anything. In this type of scenario, the player would feel like a loser. Hence the right thing to do is to go for the smaller slots. Also, in cases where you are a little bored with playing the big bonus games, you might want to try small slots where you can increase your chances of winning, and it will boost your game.

While playing small slots, you must take advantage of the free spins, which sometimes happens in this case. It is also good for you to play slowly in case you are new to the game. The summary is that you should endeavour to have free spins at your disposal as much as possible when you are playing since there is a big advantage of using them.

When you play slowly, you will enjoy the freedom of using your free spins once in a while instead of speeding all through the chips as there are big wins you can get while doing this. You also need to understand how to hold the spin button since there will be a need for hold and release depending on how the machine is working.

The Network Switching Trick

This is one of the trickiest things to do while playing a Pop! Slots casino game and this works very well. All that is required to do this is access to a strong Wi-Fi and 4G network. While playing, you will try to practice, disconnect, spin, reconnect and spin. While doing this, you would be amazed how much it will help you to win games.

The reason for this is because Wi-Fi and 4G are operating using different IP addresses, and due to this, when you switch the networks, you can trick the machine. If the machine is tricked into identifying different IP addresses, hence identifying different players. Doing this, you would be able to get more bonus tiles and, in the end, more and bigger wins.

Start with Jackpot or Bonus Games

This is one of the most important moves you can make to win more on a Pop! Slots game. When you do this, it will not only help you win big but will also help you to keep yourself big. While playing with a jackpot or bonus games, you would be able to keep your bonus winnings.

Lotto Slot Machine Jackpot Win Concept
Lotto Slot Machine Jackpot Win Concept

For instance, if you have to leave the game and have already secured your spot on the bonus board, your winnings will remain. Hence the best move you can make is starting with the bonus games and making sure you make some winnings that would help secure your ride for the rest of the game.

Hot Machines are Mostly not Good to Use

Usually, most people have the mentality of always pushing towards selecting hot machines. If you do this, you can be sure of suffering some disadvantages that would reduce your winning rates. The moment you go for hot machines, you create a stagnant pattern that will lead you to make very few wins that are not good at all.

While considering making a random selection of what to play with, you can choose a cold or hot machine. Playing with random machines comes with a lot of benefits.

Conserve Your Credits

This secret is one of the best tips for winning a Pop! Slots game. Since you would not be getting an unlimited amount of credits, you should always endeavour to keep your remaining credits in mind and be careful not to overspend them.

In cases where you run out of credits, you can be patient and wait till the next day and log in again, upon which the game will reward you with a new batch of credits.


It is the joy of every player always to win when playing online gambling games as it would yield them money in the process. Unfortunately, winning is not easy to come by, but with the right tips and tricks, you can rest assured of winning more, and that is what this article provides for you.

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