The best Australian pop songs to support your gaming 


Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment out there. It’s the one industry that just keeps on thriving, even in the face of difficult times. There’s a game out there to suit every persuasion. 

Both enthusiasts and part time gamers need the right kind of environment in order to get the best out of their game. Whether they’re playing Call of Duty or online bingo, having the right set up makes your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

Music can help set the tone for your day. You listen to something exciting and upbeat when you wake up in the morning and something soothing before you go to sleep. Well, you also need the right tunes for when you’re gaming too. 

Australia might not seem like the music capital of the world but there are a number of amazing bands and songs to come out of this incredible island. Whether you want something with a big baseline, or you want to relax into some classic Aussie sounds, we’ve got something on our list that will suit your tastes. 

Let’s take a look through some of the best music that Australia has to offer. 

Australian pop songs to game to

Down Under – Men at Work

If you’re wanting to feel a little bit patriotic but don’t want to go the whole hog, this is the song for you. It’s all about an Aussie man who is off to see the world and the interactions he has with the people he meets. And there’s even a Vegemite mention so you know it’s got true Aussie roots. 

It became a popular song not just in Australia, but all across the world because of its upbeat tune. The song rose to popularity in the 80s but there’s no doubt that you’ll still recognise it from being played to this day. The song even hit the charts at one point, but those days are probably at an end now.

Men at Work
The best Australian pop songs to support your gaming 

The song was even played at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympics that were held in Sydney. Nothing says Aussie pride like the song chosen to end a sporting event that is watched by everyone all over the world. 

This makes it the perfect song to game to as it’s upbeat enough to give you some extra focus and energy. It also has just the right amount of Aussie pride running through it to make you feel proud to be an Aussie. 

Great Southern Land – Icehouse

If you can’t get enough of a synth, you’re in luck because this track is full of them. It was created in 1982, a time where a synthesiser was a bit of a rarity making it a truly special song of the time.

This song is pure Aussie goodness and is symbiotic with the Australian outback. The opening song is meant to reflect the heat that you would feel if you were out in the Aussie outback. If you close your eyes and listen, you can almost see the red sand and barren landscapes. 

The best Australian pop songs to support your gaming 

There was even a remix made in 1994 that featured Indigenous artists playing traditional instruments and singing in their traditional language. This remix was done by Byrralku Dhangudha and is definitely worth a listen as well.

If you’re looking for a song to game to that will take you right back to the roots of Australia, this is the song for you. You can feel connected to the great Aussie outback and get lost in the music as you game. 

It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll) – ACDC

If you weren’t aware that ACDC are a band of Aussies, where have you been? This is one of the proudest and biggest bands to come out of Australia and they’re still as good now as they were back in their heyday. 

The best Australian pop songs to support your gaming 

This song is an absolute classic from the band and is one that everyone knows. It was in the well loved film School of Rock which helped give it the comeback it deserved. If you didn’t enjoy it when your dad played it in the car in your youth, we’re sure that Jack Black helped change your mind. 

This song has the sing a long factor that you need when you’re gaming. You can treat other players to your vocal prowess – you might even start a group singing session! And if you’re playing single player games, you can sing as badly as you like. 

These are just a small selection of the best music that Australia has to offer but there are always new artists coming out with tunes to delight your ears. What’s a great Aussie band that you’re enjoying listening to right now?

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