The Best Destinations For Golfing and Gaming


Golf and casinos go very well together since both are synonymous with relaxation and luxury, and both can be enjoyed by adults of all ages. If you are looking for some tempting holiday or leisure spots dedicated to casino fans that also happen to be golf destinations, Australasia has a wide variety of choices.

The fantastic gaming venues distributed around Australia and New Zealand are often much more than just land-based casinos; they usually include magnificent dining facilities and hotels with a number of other entertainment options. Golfing is one of them, so if you enjoy both casino games and golf, you should definitely check out these destinations.  

The Canberra Casino Center

This is one of the best casino hubs in the Canberra area. Here you will often meet or spot some famous people here, including artists, influencers, or even politicians.

The Canberra Casino Center
The Canberra Casino Center

Aside from the incredible casino opportunities, you can also watch a range of sporting events on the big screens located within the Sports Bar. You will be able to watch your favorite golfers in action or simply hang out with like-minded friends who have similar sports interests.  The tasty snacks and drinks available in the bar will make cheering for your favorite players much more fun.

While you may not actually be able to play golf there, you could visit one of the golf clubs in Canberra, such as the Murrumbidgee Country Club which is a cool 18-hole golf course found on the Kambah Pool Road in Kambah.

The Iconic SkyCity, Auckland

At SkyCity Auckland, you will find a 2-in-1 gambling and golfing facility here that you will have a hard time leaving behind once your vacation days end and you need to head out home.

The Iconic SkyCity, Auckland
The Iconic SkyCity, Auckland

Get ready for some unforgettable entertainment, especially at night, and be prepared for some of the most generous golf courses you will have the chance to come across in this part of the country.
You might spend the day golfing at the nearby Akarana Golf Club’s superb golf courses and the evening playing the 2,100+ pokie machines you’ll find here while booking a table at one of the luxury casino restaurants. After all, you’ll want to end your evening in style, in front of one of the 50 table games, while enjoying the live entertainment.

Try The SkyJump Experience

You may even plan a daring excursion at New Zealand’s tallest jump, which is located above Auckland. Sit atop New Zealand’s highest structure or attempt the SkyJump experience, which combines base jumping with a wire.

Try The SkyJump/Skydiving Experience
Try The SkyJump Experience

Why would you do it? It will feel like you’re plummeting at breakneck speed, easily exceeding 85 kph. The jump will take 11 seconds before coming to a safe and smooth landing at the base of the Sky Tower. As soon as you finish the stunning sky jump, you will receive a free Sky Tower permit to continue exploring the various observation levels.

The X-Golf Simulator at the SkyCity Hamilton

Check out the X-Golf at the SkyCity venue in Hamilton, New Zealand, if you want to test one of the most authentic golf simulators on the planet. Prepare to have a memorable experience playing on any of the 50+ golf courses. 

The golf course selection includes some of the most popular PGA Tour courses, and you will have the most realistic, accurate, and engaging golfing experiences ever thanks to advanced technology that measures the motion vectors of the balls as well as the angles, trajectory, and velocity of your hits.

Golfing in Australia/New Zealand
Young woman have a fun with golf buggy car on a field in mountains

Whether you are a beginner trying to hone your skills or an experienced player looking to compete with your friends, the X-Golf simulator on the second level of the Zone Sports Bar has you covered.

You might even spend your evenings at the casino tables, VIP rooms, or pokie machines to ensure that you end the day on a high note.

Final Thoughts

Combining a casino and golf on vacation can be a great idea. It enables a wide choice of activities, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone. Golf can be a calm and pleasurable way to spend the day, whereas the casino provides the thrill of the game and the opportunity to try your luck.

Today, many casino resorts feature top-quality golf courses on-site or nearby, allowing you to combine the two activities without having to drive far. Combining a casino with golf on vacation can be an enjoyable and well-rounded experience.

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