The best pop music to support your gaming 


Music and gaming go hand in hand. Game developers make sure that the music they choose for their games is atmospheric and doesn’t detract from the game – instead, they add to it. You’ll head into a boss and hear fast-paced music to get your heart pumping. 

For the cosy game genre, the music will be closer to lofi, looped and relaxing. 

Standout examples of great music in games are things like World of Warcraft, where each area has an accompanying backing track, The Witcher 3 with its Slavic folk influence, almost all online casino games found on Virgin Games, and if you like it hectic than the Cuphead score is another example of the soundtracking making the game. 

World of Warcraft player banned for 'interrupting in-game BLM protest'
The best pop music to support your gaming 

But what if you don’t want to listen to the music that the game has? What are the best tracks for a long gaming session? Well, the answer really relies on the type of games you’re playing! 

Does music impact gaming performance? 

We know that music has a significant impact on our emotions. Slower, sadder music can make us cry; upbeat music makes us want to jump around and move. There are some music genres that are perfect for long cosy gaming sessions and working, like Binaural and lofi. 

It is more common than ever for people to use apps like Calm and Headspace to listen to music designed to help them get a good night’s rest. Showing just how impactful music can be. 

When it comes to gaming performance, you’re going to want to choose music that is paced in a similar way to the game. If you are playing an FPS, for example, having quick reactions is a must, and one way to get them is with music that raises your heart rate. 

Music can help games delay fatigue, increase play speed, reduce stress (ever been in an hour-long raid with only wipes?), and improve performance in general. 

There are some music and gaming combinations that go together like bread and butter. 

Is there the best type of music for gaming? 

Music is a lot about personal preference, so what you like and what you play might not always make sense. But then, it doesn’t have to.

Girl playing online video games
The best pop music to support your gaming 

However! There are a couple of combinations that are worth a try. From jazz to chiptune, there is a type of music for every game. 

Retro Gaming

Retro games have some of the most nostalgic soundtracks; you know and love the electronic-sounding music. Now though, they have been remixed, reshuffled and put back together. Taking all the best bits of the 8-bit tracks and chiptune and turning them into everything from dance tracks, as Mario mixed into a Samba-style slow lofi beat. 

The downfall of the original music is that it is looped, and if you are stuck in a single location, it can get annoying pretty quickly. The updated version offers all of the tinkles of the originals but without the loop and with some extra beats too. 

Broad Options

Is it cheesy? Often, yes. But does that mean it shouldn’t happen? No. Some of the cheesiest 80s tracks have made their way into gamer’s classics. Weaving your way through mobs, clearing trash, or taking out the opposition with a sniper all for well with the 80s. 

Anything from Kansas, Boston, Journey or Queen will have all of the high notes, guitar solos and excellent drums that you need for a long gaming session. These tend to go better with PVP, gathering professions or running through the content you may have already seen. 

FPS & Fighting Games

Rap albums don’t tend to have much in the way of ballads and downtime, which makes them ideal for things like FPS and fighting games. The lyrics aren’t always friendly either, so it sure can put you in the mood to win. 

The best part about rap music is that in almost all subgenres, it is filled with bass and a steady beat, but they are usually pretty quick. Keeping your heart rate a little higher and giving you the pep talk you need to beat your opponents. Rap music is also one of the most recommended for the gym too – it has the same impact of getting people pumped up. 


There are many different types of jazz, but the speed is perfect for extended gaming sessions that seem opulent and sophisticated as you solve the mystery and unlock the game’s deep, dark secrets. 

Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku, Jigsaw, Cat Museum, Planet of Lana, and Strange Horticulture. Relaxing jazz can help your brain focus on the task at hand.

Saxophonist playing jazz melody on saxophone
Saxophonist playing jazz melody on saxophone

Jazz is also perfect for casino games like blackjack, poker, and other activities where you want to focus without being distracted by lyrics. 

Music can make your game time more enjoyable and even make you better at your game. 

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