Time to rewatch these decade-old casino movies


Some of the greatest movies of all time are either set in casinos . From James Bond 007 to The Hangover, here are films you need to rewatch.

From nail biting thrillers and fast paced action movies to laugh out loud comedies, there are plenty of quality movies set in or around casinos. Here are some movies definitely worth a good rewatch.

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Featuring casino scenes or playing some beloved casino games in movies is not a foreign idea. In fact, many box-office blockbusters use the casino environment as a great way to build a character or showcase the amazing talents that the characters have. It also exudes a feeling of excitement without the need to hit someone in the face.

So, after racking up the wins and enjoying online casino at diverjoe casino, here are some movie recommendations for your downtime that keep the casino theme going. We’ve mixed up the genres for a diverse viewing experience, from gut-busting buddy comedies to some serious stories that will pull some heartstrings. Here are casino-themed movies we highly recommend.

The Hangover

Released in 2009, The Hangover told the story of three friends as they wake up after a boozed-out party in Las Vegas and need to find the groom before the wedding day. Unfortunately, they have no recollection of the previous night’s events and have to retrace their steps to find out what led to their current situation.

The Hangover casino scene

The film’s latter half places the main leads in a predicament where they are accused of stealing $80,000 worth of poker chips from the Chinese gangster Mr. Chow, wonderfully portrayed by Ken Jeong. Needing to replace the lost chips, Alan, played by comedian Zach Galifianakis, uses his advanced card counting skills to win more than $80,000 in the casino’s blackjack table.

A certified blockbuster, this first instalment in The Hangover trilogy gets the right things going with its clever execution of comedy and stunning cast. The movie earned a whopping $467 million in the box office, claimed a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, and spawned two sequels that did well in the charts.

Ocean’s Eleven

Directed by Steven Soderbergh and featuring an ensemble cast of top-dollar actors, Ocean’s Eleven is a comedy heist film that stole the audience’s attention upon release. And while this 2001 release is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, the ending significantly changes and diverging itself from the original.

Ocean's Eleven cast

The movie centers on Danny Ocean, played by Batman alum George Clooney, as he plans to steal from the top casinos in Las Vegas. Getting financial backing from a former casino owner who sees the heist as a form of revenge on his rival, Ocean starts to recruit his former colleagues and professional criminals to get the job done. In a series of well-planned events, the team successfully gets over $150 million from the Bellagio.

What makes Ocean’s Eleven a wonderful watch is the set of convoluted plans Danny and his team take to complete the heist. From infiltrating a dice manufacturing plant to faking a vault bombing and entering as SWAT operatives, the guys showed impeccable skill to complete the job.

21 (Twenty-One)

Taking inspiration from the best-selling book Bringing Down the House’s depiction of the MIT Blackjack Team, Robert Luketic’s 21 (Twenty-One) is a story of bedazzlement, betrayal, and a whole lot of card counting. This 2008 flick stars Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess as they use the card counting technique to beat the odds at blackjack tables and earn considerable winnings.

21 casino movie poxgdf

Wanting to get into Harvard Medical School but can’t afford the high tuition, Ben Campbell aims to dazzle the school director so he can get in with a scholarship. After impressing an MIT professor with probability skills, he is invited to the blackjack team, where card counting and covert signaling are used to win tables at Las Vegas Casinos. The story then delves deeper into the team’s chemistry, leading to several betrayals and setups.

Despite several controversies in casting, the film was critically praised and received positive feedback from both the audience and critics. It also grossed more than $24 million in its opening weekend while maintaining a two-week top performance.

Some thoughts

There are dozens of casino-themed movies out there, and what we have here is but a taste of the classic films involving casinos. The genre availability of these movies is also diverse, from high-drama titles like Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems to some wacky adventures, like Chevy Chase’s Vegas Vacation.

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