Tutor John W from DoMyEssay on Exploring Your Creative Side in College


Exploring your creative side: pursuing artistic endeavors in college.

Is there a constant nudge at the back of your mind telling you to get back to your artistic flair, even when you are swamped with all the college work, but it just seems so hard at this point? 

If this sounds like you, know that you are not alone. 

Each of us had this amazing flair for creativity at some point in our lives, most likely in childhood. But how did we lose it over time? 

As you grow, most of your time is taken over by studies, assignments, exams, and social commitments. However, art and creativity need solitude— that you spend some time alone, giving attention to your creative abilities. 

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Tutor John W from DoMyEssay on Exploring Your Creative Side in College

So, if you are wondering how you can reconnect with your talent and pursue creativity in college, this article is for you. Remember, you can always hire a professional to write essays for me and manage assignments in the meantime. 

How to Explore Your Creative Side While You’re in College?

Identify Your Interests

There must be something of a hobby you always wanted to try or felt drawn to. The first step to exploring your creative side is to identify your interests. It would be difficult at first. Hence, it is best to start with the recreational pursuits you used to enjoy when you were younger. 

Try picking up one thing at a time and see if you still find the hobby intriguing. If that doesn’t work for you, sit for self-reflection and note down things you feel passionate about. 

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Tutor John W from DoMyEssay on Exploring Your Creative Side in College

You can also try to see what artistic endeavors you admire for other people. Experiment with the top ones in your list and adapt the ones that align with your interest and personality. Look for online reviews for more clarity, just like you check essay writing service reviews before hiring one for your assignments. 

Manage Your Free Time

Often the first excuse you find yourself making when it comes to dedicating time to something off-calendar is that you don’t have time. But have you ever analyzed where your time goes? Do you keep your productive hours distraction free? 

Once you remove the use of social media and mindless scrolling, you will realize you get sufficient free time that you can utilize in constructive activities. Try to track your time for a week, log your routine at the end of each day, and see where you can fit your creative pursuit. 

You can also install a time-tracking app on your smartphone to monitor your usage. This way, you will feel accountable for your time and spend it wisely. 

Take Creative Classes or Join Clubs

The journey of creative exploration can get lonely and make you avert midway. So, if you feel stuck and find it difficult to break away from the loop of mundane routine, you can try joining a class. Check with your college administration if they offer some recreational courses besides academics. 

You can also look for a tutor in your locality who teaches painting, guitar, pottery, or any other art that you might be interested in. Look for opportunities to explore different pursuits, whether through clubs, workshops, or courses. 

Attend events, lectures, or exhibitions related to various creative disciplines, and be receptive to new experiences that may expand your understanding of what motivates you creatively.

Customize Your Surroundings

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are the product of your surroundings?” While the argument may or may not sit well with your conscience, the environment does matter. If your room is messy, the TV remote is within arm’s reach, and the phone is always buzzing with notifications, you will hardly get time and motivation for any innovative endeavor. 

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Tutor John W from DoMyEssay on Exploring Your Creative Side in College

You have to customize your space to save yourself from unnecessary distractions and time-sucking activities. Declutter your room, put distractors away, and fill your room with art supplies. Re-decor a corner of your room for recreational purposes, where you would sit and relax while working on your art or learning it. 

You have to turn this into a therapeutic experience instead of looking forward to it as another essential task. That way, you would find yourself intuitively drawn toward it in your free time. 

Participate in Extracurricular Activities in College

If taking out time at home for creative pursuits is absolutely impossible for you, you can try volunteering at college events. Many institutions have their students perform at local theaters, art communities, music concerts, and extracurricular activities. You can volunteer to perform in any of them. From preparation and rehearsal to performance, you will have a lot of opportunities to engage with your creative side without compromising much on your academics. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping in touch with your creative flair is essential as you climb the ladders of academics and careers. According to the best research paper writing service, by exploring your interests and artistic pursuits, you can unlock the doors to personal growth, stress relief, communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. So, take the plunge and embark on the journey of self-growth.

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