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Minecraft Earth is Better than Pokemon Go

Did you get hooked on Pokemon Go if only for a short while? Minecraft Earth brings back the excitement of augmented reality adventures, but unlike Pokemon Go, it doesn't become repetitive and stale after only a few hours. ...

Eurovision 2019 – Madonna Just Ended Her Career

Madonna, the former queen of pop, just ended her career, if it wasn't over already. Her performance at Eurovision in Tel Aviv last night made that abundantly clear. Eurovision has never been the stage that upcoming artists aspire to play...

Is Robert Pattinson little Bruce from Joker All Grown Up?

For those who have missed all the hints Warner Bros. have been dropping at a rebooted DCEU, here is yet another. Robert Pattinson is really replacing Dante Pereira-Olson, the young Bruce Wayne from Joker, and not Ben Affleck. The Batman...

Rick Devens, Most Likable Survivor Ever

American Survivor is about to conclude its 38th season (at least, here in Australia -- shh, no spoilers). There have been many amazing contestants on the show in the past, but this season's player, Rick Devens, is probably the...

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I am a former, albeit small time, reality TV producer and currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Through my many years of working in television I've met some interesting people who you could call "insider sources". I still remember my days as a first A.D; kids, don't ever aspire to be first A.Ds. Follow me on Twitter @dianneoflaughter or send me an email to [email protected]

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Ezra Miller hiding incriminating evidence by DELETING Instagram

Is the FBI investigating? The Flash star Ezra Miller is allegedly trying to hide incriminating evidence that consists of...