Erina Rose

Call of Duty: Blackout is The Most Immersive Battle-Royale Game

Battle-Royale mode games are all the rage today, and the genre certainly isn't lacking in variety. There are plenty of free-to-play options available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC -- but what about Call of Duty: Blackout? It...

The Batman (2021) is the Reboot We Deserve… and Definitely Need

What exactly happened to Ben Affleck's dream of being the caped crusader? It's been confirmed that there will be no Batfleck in the upcoming 2021 movie, The Batman -- but why? Personal reasons, creative differences.. or something else entirely? The...

Keanu Reeves in Wachowski’s Matrix 4 Confirmed

The future off the Matrix franchise seemed foggy for fans a week ago, but today Keanu has confirmed that there is a sequel on the way...and he's in it! This is absolutely amazing news for fans, because this confirms something...

Australia’s Ruby Rose is LGBT Hero, Batwoman!

Warner Bros. just gave fans a first look at Australia's Ruby Rose as DC comics' Batwoman -- and she looks fantastic! Ruby Rose stars Kate Kane/Batwoman and will first feature the CW’s Arrow before getting her own show which started...

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I was born in Norway and am an experienced game designer who has interned for some of the biggest studios in Europe. I'm now now enjoying the hot Australian sun while writing about my past and passions. You can follow me on Twitter @ErinaWins or contact me via email at [email protected]

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