5 castaways most likely to win Australian Survivor 2019


Last night’s premiere was epic. We’ve already got our sight set on a handful of contestants, and these 5 castaways are most likely to win Australian Survivor 2019.

Okay, let’s be real. We’ve only seen the first episode and, at this point, it really is anybody’s game. But going off what we saw last night, we’ve picked five castaways we are confident will make it far, or might even win it.

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Mind you, this article was written moments before the second episode aired, so if any of the following contestants get sent home tonight, I will be eating some salty crow and heading back to the drawing board.

Without further ado, I think these 5 castaways are most likely to win Australian Survivor 2019.

Pia Miranda

Pia Miranda | Sausage Roll

Oh my, Pia is adorable! Seeing her in panic mode was probably the most endearing moment in Survivor. I guarantee you, anyone that writes her name down at tribal is going to feel daggers in their hearts. It’s like denying a cute puppy his treats, you’d have to be soulless. Pia did show us she knows how to scramble; in spite of being the target for the first vote she managed to scramble her way out of it. Will she win? Well, she did say that she thought she’d either be first out or win Survivor… and she is not first out.

Luke Toki

Australian Survivor fan favorite Luke Toki | Sausage Roll

King of the Jungle is back, baby! Who doesn’t love Luke? He was the fan favourite in 2017 for a great reason. His cheekiness and personality aside, Luke has an eye for Survivor that is rare. He plays a massive game while – somehow – remaining under the radar.

John Eastoe

John Eastoe | Sausage Roll

The man with the mullet! This guy is the embodiment of everyday Aussie bloke with a mullet to boot. And what a machine this man is! Look at him go on in challenges, he absolutely crushes every obstacle in his way. If Twitter is anything to go by, this guy is on path to becoming this season’s fan favourite.

Andy Meldrum

Andy Meldrum | Sausage Roll

Andy Meldrum has been the biggest shocker so far. He is also the biggest double-threat. He understands Survivor and he’s a challenge beast. But what makes him even more dangerous is that nobody even suspects that he’s a threat. Andy is going for the long game and I can definitely see him make it far in Australian Survivor.

Daisy Richardson

Daisy Richardson | Sausage Roll

People fell in love with Daisy the first time she appeared in the promos. We knew nothing about her, we hadn’t even heard her talk. Finally, we’ve seen here in action. Daisy is very switched on. Don’t let her warm smile fool you, this girl is capable of pulling Survivor’s biggest blindside ever.

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