Alita petition boasts almost USD$2mill in value as it reaches 80k signatures


It’s becoming harder for Disney to ignore the demand for Alita: Fallen Angel as the petition is quickly reaching 80, 000 signatures.

It’s often said that people are wasting their time when signing petitions because study show that a majority of petitions barely make any change. However, this is not the case for Alita 2. The petition has a heavy impact on the future of the film series. Here is why…

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Petitions go largely ignored, but that is because the majority of petitions are merely used as a form of protest. There is no inherent value of a petition that demands change. Even when the petition is threatening in nature and calls for a boycott if the demands aren’t met, a study shows that a very small percentage of signers actually go through with it. But when it it comes to positive petitions that show support for a brand or product it gives the producers incentive to act because, depending on the success of the petition, it promises them a monetary return.

Although it has worked on several occasions, it is usually a lot harder to convince networks to bring back cancelled TV shows, but petitions certainly help their case when another network is considering picking it up. With Alita, however, it is an entirely different story; the movie hasn’t been dropped, Disney is just on the fence and won’t greenlight the sequel until they are confident enough with the numbers. 80k is a big number, the petition clearly shows that the demand of an Alita sequel is huge.

Alita petition matters

Almost 80, 000 people have made the effort to let Disney know that they want a sequel. That’s an estimated value of around USD$2 mill that the petition alone will bring Disney if each person that signed simply goes to see the movie at the cinema and buys the DVD at a bargain bin price.

Google analytics also showed that in September, 2019, Alita was more searched than Spider-Man even in the wake of the Disney-Sony announcement.

James Cameron is currently 100% focused on Avatar 2, but reportedly Alita 2 is already in super early stages production and director Robert Rodriguez has received a 600 page script (with an additional 600 pages of production notes) from James Cameron.

If you want to see the Alita: Fallen Angel come to the big screen make sure that you do sign the Alita sequel petition because it really does help.

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