Amber Heard’s father made money from abusing animals


Father like daughter: while Aquaman supporting actress Amber likes to abuse wealthy men, David Clinton Heard has abused dogs for wealth.

David Clinton Heard, the father of the pathologically lying b-list actress who was lucky enough to be married to one of Hollywood’s greatest talents, is an animal abuser who conducted a dog fighting ring on his ten-acre property in Texas.


Amber Heard’s father was formerly involved in legal complications. David Clinton Heard, whom the “Aquaman 2” actress — his own daughter — claimed as having “struggled with alcohol and drug misuse difficulties his entire life,” was previously arrested for allegedly conducting an illegal, “barbaric” pit bull fighting ring.

Paul Barresi, who previously worked with Amber’s legal team during her contentious court battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, revealed the news. However, rather than uncovering evidence against Johnny for alleged abuse, Paul unearthed David’s shadowy past.

According to Paul, David was arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for animal cruelty in the 1980s “by orchestrating a vicious, callous, torturing pit bull ring in Texas.” Paul allegedly ran the combat ring on his ten-acre property, which included at least seven dogs.

Amber Heard’s father spent only 15 days in jail following his guilty plea. He avoided conviction on a charge of animal cruelty by entering a plea of “nolo contendere,” which bears the same fundamental consequences as a guilty plea but does not require admission of guilt.

“I dove into the state of Texas’ archived court catacombs and unearthed the shocking documents and proof about Amber’s dad.” Paul went on, “I found however that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I can’t help but ask, whether Amber and members of her family knew that her father was the ring leader of barbaric dog fights that rendered pit bulls maimed or dead,” Paul added in regards to the arrest of Amber Heard’s father.

A not so fun fact: If a dog gets injured, maimed, or just loses a fight there is a high chance that they are murdered for their failure.

Amber claimed that Johnny once dangled her dog Pistol from a speeding automobile’s window. “While you were in the car, you smoked, you opened the window, you were agitated, and you were violent,” The Sun’s lawyer, Sasha Wass, told the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor during a July 2020 hearing. However, Amber Heard also blamed her dogs for a poop she made on the couple’s marital bed which she latter admitted, to hotel management, to be a “harmless prank.”

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Even though he didn’t really need to, Jonny Depp publicly denounced the outrageous allegations saying, “I can say it is a very endearing image, but it is absolute utter falsity, it is fraudulent,” he pointed out. “I don’t think hanging an animal, a small defenseless dog that weighs three pounds out of a window is fun.”

David’s daughter now has the reputation of being an abuser also. Although she’s made a substantial amount from her divorce settlement following her bogus allegations against her ex-husband, she has been exposed for lying about donating it.

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