Arkham Asylum most logical setting for Joker 2


It’s been confirmed, the sequel to the DC Dark origin movie, Joker, is getting a sequel. So, what’s next for the mentally disturbed Arthur Fleck?

Joker was a critical success pulling in more than a billion from the international box office making it the most profitable DC movie to date, so it is no shock that they’ve confirmed a sequel. But what kind of setting can we expect?


The most logical setting for Joker 2 is obviously Arkham Asylum.

Chances are you’ve already seen the last Joker but if not, don’t worry, this isn’t a massive spoiler.

In the final scene of Joker we see Arthur Fleck in what we can only assume to be the Arkham Asylum. I don’t remember seeing it written anywhere — maybe it said something on the files the psychiatrist reads from at the end — but I think it is safe to assume Joker has been committed to an asylum for the criminally insane.

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Right before the credits roll we are treated to a scene of Joker running a muck down the corridors of what appears to be some kind of hospital; most likely a mental asylum.

If, in fact, this is Arkham Asylum (which I’m almost positive is) then it would make perfect sense for the next film to start there.

Perhaps in Joker 2 we will get to see him fall deeper into the abyss and fully lose touch with reality, becoming the ultimately unpredictable Joker we know and love.

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He could inspire other inmates to serve has his lackeys all the while turning Arkham Asylum into his own sadistic fun-house a la Saw. Maybe a little like Jigsaw?

Whatever ever direction Todd Phillips decides to take Joker 2, one thing is undeniable and that is that it is going be damn near impossible to recreate the success of the first one; Joker truly is a hard act to follow.

What do you think is the most logical next stop for the Joker movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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