Aussie wife slammed by Today Show hosts for loving family epic response


“If half of these frickin’ feminists knew half of the things I did for my husband they’d lose their mind.” Woman called regressive and problematic for wanting to be a stay at home mum and take care of her family.

Brooke Smith, Christian woman, wife and mother of 4 adorable children was publicly mocked on live TV for loving her husband and taking care of her kids on The Today Show. She has fired back in epic fashion.

The Brisbane woman was mocked on social media after posting a picture of herself with her 4 super cute children letting people know the lengths she’s willing to go to keep her family happy and safe.

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Brisvegas resident, Brooke Smith, shared a post in the Facebook group “Mums Who Organise, Clean, Cook and Chat” this Monday, detailing the length she goes to on the daily to take care of her family.

“I always make sure I don’t go to bed until everyone’s lunches are packed, their clothes are set out for the next day including my husband’s and the house is clean”, Brooke wrote.

Brisbane mother of 4 slammed

Allison Langdon on The Today Show slammed by Aussie Brisbane wife: her response is epic.

She continued, “sometimes it means I get to bed at nine sometimes that means I get to bed at midnight but I always get up early (4:30 with husband to make his breakfast and coffee).”

The post was not well received on Facebook with many users saying that her behaviour is regressive and damaging to the feminist movement. Others flat out insulted her by calling her a dumb Christian trophy wife.

The outrage made it onto national television where the hosts of the popular morning talk show The Today Show joined in on the fun and threw more insults her way.

The talk show hosts did not only insinuate that her behaviour towards her family was appalling but that her husband, Sam Lawson, was disabled and treating her like a slave.

“I like my husband, but make your own bloody breakfast and coffee, you know…” Allison Langdon exclaimed while the rest mockingly laughed at Brooke’s comments.

 Frickin' feminists: Aussie wife slammed response to The Today Show.

Frickin’ feminists: Aussie wife slammed response to The Today Show.

Allison Langdon, the veteran reporter and TV journalist, had no problems criticising the Brisbane mother, but struggled even to admit that she loves her own husband, Michael Willesee Jr; another television journalist.

Brooke Smith responds to The Today Show

Smith is amazed that her single comment about her morning and night routine offended so many people and garnered national media attention.

“They literally took a small snippet of something I posted in a group which was a for ‘Mum’s cooking cleaning and organising,’ mind you, and asked me, “Hey, I’m just running an article on this post. Is that OK?” Brooke wasn’t anticipating the public televised ridicule of being a loving mother.

“If half of these frickin’ feminist knew half the crap I did for him they would lose their minds and their heads would explode,” Brooke Smith wrote on Facebook.

She continued, “no one ever told me or hey, by the way, I’m going to sell it to every other newspapers and The Today Show not even give you the heads up. Anyway, if half of these frickin’ feminist knew half the crap I did for him they would lose their minds and their heads would explode. All I did was share my night-time and morning routine, because I see people asking all the time how some people are organised? You know.”

What do you think of Aussie wife Brooke Smiths response to The Today Show and the outraged feminists who are calling her out for taking care of her family? Let us know in the comments below!

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