Backyard Survivor showcases awesomeness of fandom


The Australian Survivor fandom is awesome. Hosts of 2 Boys Talk Survivor and super-fans, Kyle and Bryan, created their own version called Backyard Survivor. And it’s a smashing success.

Kyle and Bryan started their own podcast “2 Boys Talk Survivor” which quickly exploded in popularity. One day they thought, “wouldn’t it be fun if we just did a backyard version of Survivor,” and their community got behind them. A few months later Backyard Survivor was born.

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It has all the elements of the real Survivor: tribal counsel, hidden idols, blindsides, immunity challenges, rewards and even flame-less torch snuffing. And what truly gives Backyard Survivor an authentic feel is the people who play it. Survivor has always been about ordinary people from different walks of life who have to come together to overcome some of the most physically and mentally exhausting challenges to see if they can outwit, outplay and outlast the others. This seems to be something the official Australian Survivor has kind of forgotten about as they now seem to be focusing more on getting celebs to play instead of everyday normal people.

Meet the fandom: former Backyard Survivor castaways


Matt represents the Survivor fandom | Sausage Roll

Matt is a nurse and a survivor super-fan. His biggest fear is losing, he absolutely hates losing. He called Rem out for being the biggest physical threat in his season of Backyard Survivor.

My biggest fear is losing.


Emma played Backyard Survivor with a hang-over | Sausage Roll

Emma might have rocked up a little under prepared.. and uh, under the weather. She hadn’t read the rules and had a pretty big night the night before. But Backyard Survivor is all about perception and there is nothing big-ass shades can’t hide, and an extra large triple-shot latte should fix her right up.. or at least she thought!

It would be a miracle if I can pull this off today.


Rem, the physical threat | Sausage Roll

Rem was perceived as a physical threat by everyone in the first hour and rightfully so. His tribe won the most challenges and therefor they barely had to go tribal counsel. And when they finally did, Rem was the biggest target.

I’m just going to take it as it comes.

Amy O

Amy O knows how to play Survivor | Sausage Roll

Nothing got passed Amy O. She was definitely the most switched on player. She gave a play-by-play commentary on exactly what was going, and not just in her tribe. She even called Rem out for being a little hot-headed.

I think they are going to vote out Emma… because she’s hung-over as *****

2 boys make Survivor… again!

Most fans won’t ever get the opportunity to experience the real “Survivor” so they created their own series, “Backyard Survivor” for the fandom. They design themes and build challenges that are inspired by the show. They are also committed to creating seasons that are entertaining, unpredictable, fair and fun, for both the players and the audience. And although the whole contest only lasts 24 hours, Kyle and Bryan have managed to produce an entire 9 episode season with each episode ranging between 25-50 minutes. And it is some quality viewing in spite of its budget!

The first season premiered on their YouTube channel in February of 2018 and it was a triumphant success. They’ve now concluded their second season which will premiere on their YouTube channel very soon and are already funding their third. They’ve currently raised close to AUD$400 of their $2000 goal on their IndieGoGo and still have 41 days to go.

If you enjoy Backyard Survivor consider supporting these guys by either donating to their budget on IndieGoGo or checking out their podcast 2 boys talk Survivor.

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