Baptiste: Overwatch hero’s grim past revealed

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Want to know more about the newest Overwatch hero, Baptiste? Blizzard have teamed up with Alyssa Wong and Arnold Tsang to bring his story to life.

Blizzard have always packed their games with exciting stories, or have at least tried. As more heroes are added to Overwatch’s already massive roster it becomes a little bit harder to track relationships and other story intricacies. But it is no sweat of Blizzard’s back.

What You Left Behind is story about Baptiste trying to distance himself from his grim past as a gangster by busying himself with humanitarian efforts.

Overwatch short story gover | Sausage Roll
What you left behind. Cover by Arnold Tsang.

Baptiste’s story begins…

Take a deep breath for me, auntie,” Baptiste said. Madame Thebeau, in her early seventies and sharp as a needle, sat on the exam table, her feet hanging over the side in their plastic slippers. Baptiste listened to her breathing through the stethoscope pressed to her back. “All right, that’s good.”

“Did you find anything interesting, young man?” she said, stretching. When she met his gaze, she winked. “Nothing unusual. Everything sounds like it’s working properly.” Baptiste folded the stethoscope and held out his hand to help her down from the table. He was dressed for the clinic today, wearing all white scrubs. “You’ll get your labs back in a week or two. Dr. Mondésir will call you when they’re in. Or should I ask her to call your nephew to let him know?”

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This 21 page Overwatch short story – written by Alyssa Wong and illustrated by Arnold Tsang – can be downloaded as a printable file for free right here.

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