BINGO: The game that made socialising fun!


Bingo was the game that got people to gather with friends, families, and strangers when it originated in 1530 in Italy. It has a fascinating history!

It was initially called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia and travelled to the USA. It has had several names on its way to being the game of bingo we know and love. 

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It’s early years in America, it was called Beano. Legend has it that one player was so excited by winning, instead of yelling Beano, they shouted Bingo! 

It’s not surprising a mistake was made considering how many emotions you may feel while playing bingo! Edwin S. Lowe, who popularised Beano, loved the name so much he was inspired to change it to Bingo!

By this time, it was being played all over the globe by army troops, carnival go-ers and even members of the Catholic Churches. Bingo took off like wildfire! 

Business Matters reported in 2020 that the huge rise in online bingo popularity was led by women. 62% of online bingo players are female. 

A night out playing bingo.

Before the ease of access, we now have to online bingo, a good night out would usually involve the following:

Portrait Of Group Of Friends In City Outdoors On Night Out Together
Portrait Of Group Of Friends In City Outdoors On Night Out Together
  • Make sure you have a taxi booked
  • Choose the right outfit
  • Get ready, confirming the outfit with friends
  • Share a taxi, or get a carpool
  • Arrive, chat, decide which ticket packs you are going to get
  • Find the best/lucky table
  • Head to the bar for drinks and to order food
  • Play bingo while chatting 
  • Win/lose
  • Grab a few check instant wins or slots on the way out
  • Head home in the carpool or taxi

A lot of money and time spent – but always a great time had! But now, it is much less effort to have a lot of fun. 

  • Arrange whose house you’re going to or fire up the video calling
  • Choose your best loungewear and fluffy socks
  • Confirm how comfortable you are with friends
  • Choose a budget to deposit into your online account
  • Make use of any of the bonuses available
  • Play your bingo while chatting in the online chat with friends, and the moderators
  • Help yourself to snacks and drinks from the kitchen (no extra costs!)
  • Win/lose
  • Close the app or website when you’re done!

Both nights ‘out’ with friends is a lot of fun. Staying home and playing bingo online is much cheaper than heading for a night out. 

Yet, it can be equally social! When bingo made the big move online, many bingo lovers were worried that it wouldn’t be the same. 

It wasn’t long before everyone enjoyed playing online because it is so relaxing, has the social aspect and is even friendlier on the pocket!

Moving bingo online.

The online gaming revolution saw millions of people spending their evenings online. The traditional bingo halls were typically a community centre, a local pub, or the giant bingo halls. 

In the UK, up until 2005 there were bingo halls opening up all the time. By 2014 there were less than 400 bingo halls. 

Meanwhile online bingo was flourishing. When playing bingo in a hall, your toilet breaks, food breaks and even how loud you can talk is all decided for you! 

Paying with credit card online

Online bingo let’s players meet other players from all over the region. Not only that but they can play bingo with their aunt who lives far away, or their sister that lives down the road. 

It is accessible and social. While traditional bingo halls will likely always have a place for the older generations, online bingo is easy for everyone. 

Bingo chats change the game.

When the first online bingo websites launched, they lacked the vital ingredient that makes bingo so much fun. The social aspect. Unlike some of the other online games, bingo originated as a social game, and has remained so. 

Bingo websites quickly learned from real bingo players what was missing. It was the chat function. 

Being able to share that you have 3TG, or you need the bingo caller to pull 55 is part of the fun. Support and enjoyment come from the social aspect of the game. 

Not only is the function available for those who wish to take part. Those who wish to relax and not chat with people get to enjoy the game how they prefer. 

It really is the perfect way for both social butterflies and those who are unwinding to play bingo. With the introduction of the chat rooms, more people joined the online bingo revolution. 

Multi gaming opportunities.

During your game of bingo, you might be granted free slots bonus games, or mini games cash. You may just really enjoy the opportunities to play extra games at the same time! 


During more bingo games, there are a number of side bars. In the side bars you can often see a range of mini games. Increasing the fun and your chances to win.

The heart of bingo

At the heart of bingo, aside from the big wins and the thrills is a social game and a community. When you play at a bingo hall for long enough to make friends and will mee them and chat as you play.

The same can be said for online bingo. You can go to the same lobbies at a regular time each week and most likely will start bumping into the same friendly ‘faces’. 


Even the moderators are as friendly online as they are in the bingo halls! Almost all bingo websites have considered the social experience and community aspect of bingo and included in their offerings. 

But what does all of this mean? It means with online bingo you get the better bonuses and the community feeling! 

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