Black Panther kills Captain Marvel in sales


Brie Larson may play the the most powerful superhero in the MCU. But, in reality, Black Panther kills Captain Marvel in sales.

Captain Marvel was poised to be the greatest female superhero of all time, or at least certain media outlets claimed. The Verge’s Shana O’Neil scoring it a solid 90; four points more than Captain America: Civil War and one point less than Thor: Ragnarok.

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The Independent claims that Captain Marvel smashed the record for being the highest grossing female superhero flick of all time. This is only true if you think of your generic “cut and paste” superhero; with a cape and tacky outfit, etc. Another film with a female protagonist who has “superpowers” absolutely crushed it in both the box office and in home media sales. This movie is, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Force Awakens stars English actress Daisy Ridley as Rei, an independent strong female who has the ability to tap in to the force. If that’s not a superhero, or at least a hero, then I don’t know what is.

However, if we focus entirely on the MCU and DC superheros then yes, she did smash a record for a female superhero movie, but only at the box office. Comparing CM’s home media sales to the DC’s Wonder Woman it is clear that she’s not the most popular female superhero. After the first 8 weeks Wonder Woman grossed a total of USD$62,219,670 in home media sales while Captain Marvel only made USD$53,618,910.

Black Panther kills Captain Marvel

Even if we only focus on the Cinematic Universe home media sales, statistically speaking CM was not the record smashing success it was purported to be. As matter of fact, sales were bombing after the first week. Black Panther kills Captain Marvel in sales, at the box office and in home media sales. After the first 8 weeks Black Panther made USD$78,392,661, that’s 25 million more than Captain Marvel.

With that being said, in no way shape or form is Captain Marvel a failure. It outperformed Thor: Ragnarok at the box office, and outsold Spider-Man: Home Coming in home media sales. But if we ignore the fact that this is a “female superhero” movie, then it’s just an average MCU film.

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