Boost founder, Janine Allis, and her Survivor publicity stunt


Is Janine Allis only on Australian Survivor for a big publicity stunt? The Boost founder uses every opportunity to mention her company, and it starting to feel like an ad.

Three episodes in an this is already shaping up to one of the most intense seasons in Survivor history, but we are beginning to get sick of one contestant already. The cut-away segments that give us a little insight into the lives of the castaways is getting a bit extensive. And it seems that these type of cut-aways favour the champions over the contenders.

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These cut-aways are diluting the saucy Survivor drama we love so much and, in addition to taken away precious game time from us, it feels like a forced attempt to get us to really like the champions. Unfortunately for these contestants, it is doing the opposite. These cinematic segments are supposed to pull at our heart strings, but they just don’t come across as genuine.

Perhaps Australian Survivor should take a note on how these things are done on American Survivor. The castaway’s stories are usually told organically and without the over the top cinematic. They are also trickled in throughout the season, but on Australian Survivor it is like an introduction screen for each of the champions; almost as if it is written into their contract as incentive to go on the show.

It is like one big Boost ad

This especially rings true for the Boost founder, Janine Allis. We’re sick of hearing about Boost already. Her involvement in Australian Survivor is starting to seem more like a publicity stunt for Boost rather than a genuine Australian Survivor fan trying to play their favourite game. The fact that each ad break has an incognito Boost ad really makes me question the integrity of her presence. After watching her talk about herself, her business and how it ha prepared her for Australian Survivor, we are have to sit through an ad where she is talking about herself and her company with a Boost juice cup placed with logo in focus beside her. It is definitely an ad. Maybe Boost and Australian Survivor have some sort of advertisement deal. At least it seems like that at the moment.

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Let’s face it. We don’t care about the champions, we care about the contenders. Survivor is an amazing show and it doesn’t need to cast Australian sport stars or TV personalities for ratings. More people care about the true Survivors like Luke Toki and John Eartoe than they do about Bradbury, E.T., or even Janine Allis.

So, how about we tone down the blatant advertising and get rid of those over the top background-story cinematic. We love Australian Survivor because of the “out play, out wit, out last” part, not because of the celebrities the producers clearly feel the show needs.

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