Brie Larson doesn’t want to pay for her Disney Plus subscription


Disney megastar and feminist superhero Brie Larson is a little upset that she doesn’t have her Disney+ subscription yet, for free.

Some of us know her as Brie Larson, A-list celebrity actress and political activists, while others might be more familiar with her biggest role, Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel, the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, regardless of her unlimited super powers, she is no match for The Walt Disney Corporation.

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Larson appeared on Ellen yesterday to promote her new film Just Cause which is set to debut in limited release on Christmas day in the U.S and nationwide January 10, 2020. When discussing Avengers: Endgame, which Larson herself mocked as, ‘the little movie that could,’ Ellen highlighted the box office numbers for Larson, explaining to her that it made nearly USD$2.8 billion. After hearing exactly how successful the Marvel epic crossover was Larson brought up how she feels she deserves a free Disney Plus (Disney+) account.

Brie Larson dressed like a pirate on Ellen
Brie LAARRRson dressed like a pirate. (Brie Larson talks Disney Plus)

Larson referred to her lack of a ‘comped Disney Plus account,’ and was clearly a little peeved that Disney had not offered free access. The actress received a ‘comped’ account for her appearance in the Netflix special Unicorn Store so naturally she feels entitled to a free Disney Plus (Disney+) account for starring in Disney/Marvels biggest cinematic hit of all-time albeit only being in the minute for 10 minutes.

Celebrities pay for Disney+ account keeps it cheap

Perhaps this is a good thing. Disney Plus (Disney+) is by far the cheapest VOD streaming service available today. For as a little as AUD$8.99 a month you can get unlimited and monitored access to the majority of Disney’s catalogue. Disney+ also does not punish account sharing so your whole family can enjoy Disney+ with you. And the best part is it offers 4K HDR content as well. The ULTRA HD option with Netflix will cost you AUD$19.99 a month, and you will get banned if you account share.

Brie Larson talks Disney Plus and Avengers on Ellen Show.

Because Disney is treating even the biggest celebrities as ordinary plebs means that we all benefit. Millionaires like Brie Larson can definitely afford a measly AUD$80 a year and I think their reluctance to do say speaks volumes about their entitlement.

Who feels that Brie Larson deserves a free Disney+ account and who doesn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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