Brie Larson “too white” to play Captain Marvel, petition claims


Seems as though Brie Larson just can’t get a break. People of colour want her replaced in the next sequel because she’s white.

Replacing an established character in any film is a bad idea; it kills continuity and ruins immersion. And even though many people weren’t happy with her portrayal of Carol Danvers in the first film, nobody wanted her replaced… until now.

Did you know?

Brie Larson became a bit of a meme after she played Captain Marvel; she was just too boring and unlikable, many claimed. Regardless, her harshest critics — even those who were deemed to be misogynist for not liking her — didn’t petition to have her replaced, or even fired… nope, it is the LGBTQ+ community.

It seems as though the group she fought hard to defend and represent has turned on her. According to the Captain Marvel petition that has now acquired over 30, 000 signatures, Brie Larson is too white and not gay enough to play the superhero.

“We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an ally of social justice and ensure a gay woman of colour plays the role,” the petition reads.

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Petition wants Brie Larson replaced with black Captain Marvel.

Not only does the petition lash out at Brie Larson but, according to the Spike Valentine, white men are to blame as well. “Let Monica, the original female & BLACK Captain Marvel instead of white-washing characters for the benefit of the straight, white men running Disney.”

Disney won’t replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Disney won’t cave to the demand of people who, most likely, have no interest in seeing the film anyway.

Disney have bent over backwards in the pass to appease these people and have tried desperately to make their new films as diverse as possible.

The upcoming Little Mermaid live action film features a black Ariel and despite an outcry from hundred thousand people Disney did not change a thing.

Do you think Brie Larson should be replaced by a gay person of colour in Captain Marvel II? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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