Cameron Boyce’s best performances ever

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I was heart-broken to hear of Cameron Boyce’s passing early this morning when I woke up. A part of my childhood died with him, but I will always remember his best performances.

Sadly, Cameron Boyce passed away this morning after suffering a seizure during his sleep. His death was due to an ongoing medical condition. He was only 20 years young and had a very promising career ahead of him in cinema.

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Cameron Boyce’s best performances

Although he was only 20 years young, Boyce already had a very impressive work history. He worked along side some of the biggest names in Hollywood and never faltered.

Many of us will never forget Boyce. He was like a family to a lot of us who watched the Disney channel original series, Jessie. We grew up with him on our televisions and occasionally got to see him leave his mark on Hollywood in block-buster movies.

Here are 6 of Cameron Boyce’s best performances ever.

Panic at the Disco!

Panic at the Disco That Green Gentleman | Sausage Roll

The first time the I saw Boyce was back in my emo phase (fess up, we all had an emo phase). I was watching Channel V’s By Demand here in Australia and Panic at the Disco were premiering their new single, The Green Gentleman. This, no doubt, was what launched his career.


Mirrors (2018) | Sausage Roll

Cameron Boyce played Mikey, or Michael Carson, in the 2008 horror movie, Mirrors. His performance in this film is for sure the scariest of his career. It proved that he is more than capable of delivering realistic performances while hanging with the Hollywood elite like Amy Smart and Kiefer Sutherland.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye (2008) | Sausage Roll

Remember that big conspiracy block-buster movie Eagle Eye? Well, Cameron Boyce played Sam Hollomon, the son of the leading woman, Michelle Monaghan. His role was vital to the story-line and required some phenomenal acting in his part, which he delivered in spades. This is definitely one of Cameron Boyce’s best performances ever.

Grown Ups 1 & 2

Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 1 & 2 | Sausage Roll

In grown ups we got to see Boyce play Adam Sandler’s son, Keithie Feder. Although a little spoiled and addicted to technology at first, Boyd’s character goes through an amazing transformation as he is introduced the simple life and the wonders of nature.


Luke Ross in Disney original series, Jessie (2011-2014) | Sausage Roll

Have you ever accidentally referred to Cameron as Luke? It’s because of Jessie. Little Cameron Boyce became a part of our lives for 4 whole years when he played Luke Ross on the Disney channel original series, Jessie. And it was through Jessie that most of us fell in love with Cameron. He could deliver witty one-liners like a little champion and his comedic timing and dancing skills were on another level.

The Descendants

Carlos De Vill in Descendants 1, 2 & 3 | Sausage Roll

Oh, no Carlos! Watch out for that little puppy! He’s rabid pack animal who eats boys who don’t behave!

Cameron Boyce played Carlos De Vil, son of the Dalmatian hating baddy, Cruella, in the Descendant movies. We really got to see Cameron Boyd blossom to manhood in this series. From a wicked, although lost and confused, brat to a real handsome anti-villain. Cameron Boyce was becoming an extremely handsome young man.

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