Batman ruined: Asian Bruce, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship


DC have officially caved to demand of a few to diversify the characters of Batman. Meet Anti-capitalist Joker, Chinese Bruce Wayne and openly gay Alfred.

DC seems to be following in Marvel’s footsteps by making sure their heroes are ‘diverse enough’ for modern comics… only they didn’t create new characters, they changed the classic Batman characters.

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The new DC comic ‘Gotham High’ is described by the author, Melissa de la Cruz, as ‘a mix between Batman and Gossip Girl‘ but only more ‘LGBTQ friendly’.

Illustrated by Thomas Pitilli, this graphic novel depicts Bruce Wayne as a famous Instagram model who has a super powerful and wealthy mother, the Joker as a Anti-Fascist Anti-Capitalist hero, and Alfred as an out-loud-and-proud homosexual.

The trailer teasers a ‘hot and heavy’ love triangle between Chinese Bruce Wayne, seemingly bi-sexual Jack Napier (Joker), and Selena Kyle. The story even hints at a poly relationship between the trio where Bruce Wayne and Joker abandon their own orientation in a moment of heat.

Batman ruined: Chinese Bruce Wayne, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship... also gay Alfred in 'Gotham High'.

Batman ruined: Chinese Bruce Wayne, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship… also gay Alfred in ‘Gotham High’.

Melissa de la Cruz, who admittedly knows nothing about Batman, suggested that she just wants to abolish ‘hetero-normativity’ from comics that allegedly encourage toxic masculinity.

In ‘Gotham High’ it’s Bruce’s mother who is wealthy, not his father… and this time the Joker is the good guy because of his anti-capitalist views.

The Joker is a hero because he fights capitalism

According to Bounding Into Comics, it’s not just Batman and Bruce Wayne that are being radically altered, but Joker is as well.

Joker Antifa

Batman ruined: Chinese Bruce Wayne, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship… also gay Alfred in ‘Gotham High’.

Pitilli explains, “There’s so much of that Instagram culture and social media culture with teens today, so I tried to interject that into the style and look of the characters, specifically with the Joker character.”

He added, “He was the hardest character to visualize and design because he’s not your average villain. He’s almost not a villain at all, in a way. He goes back and forth where you sympathize with him sometimes and sometimes you see him as a villain. So I wanted to give him a look that played off both sides of his personality.”

VIDEO: ‘Gotham High School’ trailer reveals poly relationship between Chinese Bruce Wayne, ANTIFA Joker, and Selena Kyle.

In the same interview Pitilli admits that he modeled the new Joker after himself; especially based on his own looks, but possibly personality, and political ideology as well.

Bruce Wayne is from Hong Kong

Melissa de la Cruz, who is not a Batman fan, claimed that the Batman origin story was changed to resemble her past, “There’s been a big influx of wealthy Chinese people who moved from Hong Kong to Arcadia in Los Angeles, and that’s where my mom lives, I’m part-Chinese, my brother lives in Hong Kong, so I thought it would be great to put what I know into Bruce Wayne. I just wanted him to be a little bit more representative of my background and giving him an authentic family.”

Batman ruined: Chinese Bruce Wayne, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship… also gay Alfred in ‘Gotham High’.

Furthermore, Bruce Wayne learns how to become a proper man from listening to his mother and eventually learns to abandon his ‘toxic’ ways.

Alfred is a flamboyant homosexual

She aslo admitted that Alfred will be openly gay. “Alfred is not just his butler but also his uncle, his gay uncle from Hong Kong. It gives it this fabulous Crazy Rich Asians sheen to it,” Melissa de la Cruz declared.

Bounding Into Comics was right to point out that the new comic is essentially pandering to the LGBTQ community., as Pitilli said, “[it] breathes new life into the character, especially in today’s world since we’re living in the most diverse world we’ve probably ever lived in, so it’s more representative of Batman in 2020.”

Pitilli explains that it was his teenage loneliness and depression that helped shape these newly imagined Batman characters, “And since he’s a teenager, I tried my best to put a little bit of myself into the character as well, channeling those feelings of being an adolescent and feeling like an outsider. I definitely wasn’t a billionaire, but oftentimes I felt very separated from everyone else around me.”

No cis-gendered white male heroes

When asked on what her inspiration for this story was, de la Cruz revealed that she wanted the ‘Gotham High’ to be like a modern, and more diverse, version of Gossip Girl where Bruce Wayne is a depressed teen still trying to find his identity while being adored by the rest of the school.

Pitilli and de la Cruz revealed they have plans to further diversify the newly re-imagined Batman characters. “We have big plans for Poison Ivy and Harvey,” they revealed. But it seems as though there no real plans on making introducing any ‘cis-gendered white men’ into the new universe.

Intrigued? Will you be picking up a copy of these uber-diverse high school drama in guise of a Batman comic, or is it a hard pass? Let us know in the comments below.

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