Disney drops Deadpool & Jack Sparrow for ‘less toxic’ female characters


“The future of Disney is female,” producers insists as they begin to cancel films with popular male protagonists; including Deadpool and Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

As the Disney dinosaurs — old school producers and the like — begin to head into retirement, their bottom line is becoming a lot younger and more liberal; this is resulting the sudden burst of diversity in beloved Disney IPs.

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Disney recently acquired all of Twentieth Century Fox’s Marvel film rights last year when they bought the company and, while they are excited to introduce some of the new heroes into their existing Marvel Cinematic Universe, they aren’t that excited about Deadpool or his sequels.

After the acquisition of Fox, Disney did announce that they’d continue to produce R-Rated Deadpool movies under the Fox banner (now legally known as Twentieth Century Studios), but that has since changed.

Ryan Reynolds said that the merger meant that the Deadpool films would be going in a “completely new direction” due to Disney’s family-friendly visage. This has apparently changed as Disney are seemingly distancing themselves from the ‘Merc with the Mouth’ despite both previous films being box office hits.

BoundingIntoComics reported Rob Liefield, creator of Deadpool, lashed out at Disney/Marvel for abandoning the third instalment.

Deadpool disney

Disney drops Deadpool & Jack Sparrow for ‘less toxic’ female characters.

Deadpool isn’t the only male character that Disney plans on phasing out. Despite the demand and hype for the return of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Disney have opted to go a different direction all to together and instead replace him with a female protagonist.

The decision to abandon beloved male protagonists is not a professional but rather a personal choice made by the newcomers at both Disney and Marvel.

Bisha K. Ali is a part of the new bottom line at Disney/Marvel and she is penning the script for the upcoming Disney+ original, Marvel’s Ms. Marvel.

Bisha is a screenwriter and stand-up comedian known for her personal and political comedy.

As a performer, Bisha is frequently on the Guilty Feminist podcast and she co-hosts the BBC Radio 4 podcast GrownUpLand where she discussed the ‘pandemic of toxic masculinity’ in pop culture.

Progressive feminist and political activist against toxic masculinity Bisha K. Ali, writer for Ms. Marvel, is Disney/Marvel bottom line staff 2020.

“Obama is dreamy, ” Bisha said in her GrownUpLand podcast. “He sings, he dances, he cries. Whereas Trump is basically toxic masculinity 101.”

“Men can only express anger which stops them from developing personal relationship with their families and kids,” Bisha added.

In the podcasts Bisha asserts that men who don’t openly cry in public have dangerous underlining mental health issues that will most likely result in him violently lashing out at women; ie. beating them and abusing them.

She goes onto to discuss how toxic masculinity is enforced onto our youth via pop-culture through toxic masculine characters like superheros and the like.

The Ms. Marvel showrunner has also deleted over 5,000 controversial tweets some of which were alleged to be calling for violence against white men.

Another member of Disney/Marvel bottom line is newcomer Dana Schwartz who has previously criticised and insulted comic book culture for being ‘too white and too male’.

Dana previously commented that she had absolute no interest in the ‘toxic culture’ of comic books and superheroes and, like Bisha K. Ali, has discussed toxic masculinity and the ‘fragile male ego’ on several of her podcasts.

Disney staff writer slams toxic masculinity as Disney drops Deadpool and Jack Sparrow.

As Disney/Marvel’s bottom line is slowly replaced by young female political activists we are bound to see changes made to our favourite stories and characters, especially if they are perceived to be ‘problematic, toxic, and discriminatory’ by the new writers.

We’ve already seen classic film franchises like Star Wars change, and, according to insiders, the future of the epic Sci-Fantasy series is female-centric.

It’s no big secret that Disney are mainly focusing on female characters across the board. The next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is mostly female: Natalie Portman will be taking over as The Mighty Thor, Ironheart will take over for Iron Man, Shuri will become the Black Panther, and She-Hulk will replace the Hulk.

Deadpool and Jack Sparrow are very masculine and charismatic heroes. They are strong and confident. These qualities are considered to be toxic by the new writers at Disney/Marvel and that is why they are being replaced or outright cut.

Aurora New Dawn lists the following masculine traits as being toxic:

  • Being stoic
  • Being promiscuous
  • Being heterosexual
  • Being dominant
  • Risk-taking

In a nutshell, these traits can be used to describe both Deadpool and Jack Sparrow. These are the ‘toxic’ traits that the new writers at Disney andMarvel are trying to avoid including in their male characters. Unfortunately, some male protagonists are just ‘too white’ and ‘too male’ for the new writers to tackle and therefore they are being dropped.

Excited for the future of Disney. Looking forward to see more female representation in all of their IPs? Let us know in the comments below.

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