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EXPOSED: Pornhub in trouble for featuring Elles, a 16-year-old model

EXPOSED: Pornhub in trouble for featuring Elles, a 16-year-old model

Pornhub is are in some serious trouble after featuring a 16-year-old girl Elles as their “top solo female performer” and might be banned in the USA.

Elles Club (better known as EllesClubXOXO or EllesLove) is a young cosplay artist and YouTube ASMR artist who somehow managed to get a verified Pornhub model account at the age of 15. Pornhub are now exposed as the Australian and US government investigate. They are reportedly considering taking action against the popular adult site.

Pornhub exposed: In 2019 Pornhub ARIA awarded Elles Club with an award for top solo female performer. However, the shout-out from the popular adult website brought attention of some people who recognised the girl and revealed she was under age.

Elles Club (known as EllesClubxoxo or EllesLove), at the time of receiving the award, was only 16-years-young. She had uploaded hundreds of videos to the platform dating a whole year meaning she could have been as young as 15-years-old when she first uploaded a video.

Pornhub ARIA twitter
Pornhub exposed for featuring underage model Elles Club (aka EllesClubXoXo and EllesLove)

What’s even more shocking is how Pornhub verified her account and featured her on their frontpage multiple times as EllesClubXOXO.

Pornhub has often been scrutinised for its questionable verification system which can be easily exploited.

Age verification designed to be exploited.

To get verified you simply need to upload a picture of yourself holding a sign with your username handwritten. Once you’ve done that you can easily apply to become a model, and while you do require ID to prove your age, they have no way of checking to see if the ID is fake or doctored. That’s proven by the amount of fake model accounts on the website, all of which are fully monetised.

As a result Pornhub has become a cesspool of immorally bankrupt material as well as a simple source of income for human traffickers.

Earlier this year a graphic video was found on Pornhub of a 15-year-old girl who was later identified by Interpol as a victim human trafficking. She was verified as a model and all of the videos uploaded to the account were monetised.

EllesLove (Elles Club Instagram)
Elles Club (EllesClubXOXO aka EllesLove) banned from Pornhub and Reddit, but still has a Patreon after being exposed.

One woman who goes by Avri Sapir was horrified to discover that videos of sexual abuse as a toddler had been uploaded to the website and were fully monetised.

Monetised video of toddler abuse.

Avri Sapir wrote: “The videos were left up overnight & finally removed in the morning, but only the ones where it was undeniably obvious I was a toddler. The ones where I was older – 9 or 10 – were left up; they were very popular. Finally, a full day after being flagged, they were removed as well.”

“This company does not care about consent, age, legality, or morality. All they care about is the view count, so that they can show you more ads. They do not care about victims, or the torture and trauma they put us through by victimizing us again and again.” Avir Sapir concluded.

Many are beginning to wonder whether Pornhub was actually created as a way for human traffickers to capitalise of their crimes.

Cyprus does little to fight against human trafficking.

Pornhub was founded by Canadian resident Matt Keezer. The site was later purchased by German porn-conglomerate Fabian Thylmann and the main headquarters were moved to Limassol, Cyprus.

Cyprus has received a lot of criticism for not doing enough to combat human trafficking in their region. Still today Cyprus is a hotspot, or rather a hub, for the human trafficking of young women and children.

Turkey human trafficking

GRETA published a report on the Council of Europe highlighting the the reasons why Cyprus is a popular destination for human trafficking and urged Cypriot authorities to step up human trafficking investigations, in light of the low conviction rate, especially for trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. Further training should be provided to prosecutors and judges in order to ensure that human trafficking cases are not re-qualified into offences which carry lighter penalties and deprive trafficking victims access to protection, support and compensation.

Former adult entertainer Jenna Jameson spoke out about Pornhub in a statement to, a community website dedicated to shutting down the website.

“Pornhub profits off of the r*pe and torture of women and children. Take a stand against these monsters at MindGeek… Shut it DOWN,” the 43-year-old former adult entertainer stated.


The Traffickinghub campaign, founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, is a non-religious, non-partisan effort to hold the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex-trafficking and exploitation of women and minors.

The failure of Pornhub and MindGeek to crackdown on the rise of illegal content uploaded to their website and their apparent indifference to the blatant evidence of human trafficking taking place on their platform has caught the attention of both Australian and U.S. government officials.

Thousands of Australians have petitioned the Liberal Party government into forcing restrictions, or even outright banning, Pornhub if MindGeek don’t enforce a proper age verification system for both their audience and models.

pornhub protest
Protest outside of MindGeek headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

Meanwhile in the USA, earlier this year, GOP Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, called for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch an investigation into Pornhub over allegations that it is hosting videos of sex trafficking victims, including young women and children.

Chances are we might see some significant changes, after Pornhub was exposed, in the way adult entertainment sites that accept user generated content operate in the future. This means websites like OnlyFans and even Patreon may be heavily regulated in the near future.