Abby appears trans in leaked The Last of Us Part II graphic adult scene

Leaked The Last of Us Part II graphic adult scene reveal that the rumours weren’t true and Abby only appeared to be trans.

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Naughty Dog have had a rough year (with all the leaks and whatnot), almost as rough as the adult scene between Abby and her friend, and assumed romantic interest, Owen in a cut-scene in The Last of Us Part II.

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When it comes to progressivism in videogames Naughty Dog is way ahead of the curb. Although it was not confirmed in-game, Naughty Dog later confirmed that two of the main characters from Uncharted 4 were lesbians in a very bizarre season greetings Tweet.

And although Ellie was originally straight in The Last of Us, Naughty Dog decided to change things up with the prequel DLC, Left Behind, by revealing that Ellie had a girlfriend and showing the two underage girls make out.

Not only was Naughty Dog one of the first game developers to introduce one of the most prolific LBGTQ+ characters in a triple-A videogame, they are the first ever developer to be so inclusive to introduce a Chinese trans character into the same series… but it’s not Abby. We do, though, get to see Abby have some rough intimate fun with one of her best friend’s partners in a graphic adult scene.

Ellie and Riley lesbian kiss in Left Behind

Two underage girl Ellie and Riley share controversial lesbian kiss in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Just a day before the official launch of The Last of Us Part II on the PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog and Sony are faced with yet another leak which shows a graphic rough adult scene between the new Chinese protagonist Abby and her friends lover and soon to be father, Owen.

The images are reportedly from one of Abby cut scene where she is arguing with her friend Owen (who, by the way, is with another woman and is expecting a baby), and during the scene she has rough backdoor love with him.

People originally believed that the screenshots showed Abby seemingly at early stages of hormone replacement therapy — more commonly known as HRT — and her chest is more muscle than anything else.

Sony have officially confirmed that Abby is not a trans character, but there is indeed a trans character in the game called Lev. However, the intimate scene between Abby and Owen in The Last of Us Part II shows Abby with manly pecks and a very masculine and muscular physique.

The images also show the look of both pain and pleasure upon Abby’s face as she takes it deep and dry during the unprotected backdoor love making scene.

There is always the chance that someone, somehow, managed to deepfake these images which would mean this actually isn’t a scene in the actual game, but the screenshots are consistent with other leaks adding validity to their legitimacy.

Now that the game has been released it has been confirmed that the intimate scene between the as previously assumed trans character Abby and her friend Owen ism, in fact, real and not fake.

The graphic intimate scene, although very short, shows Abby get into a fight with Owen before they engage in rough — presumably backdoor — intercourse.

Abby removes her top revealing very muscular pecks before being roughly taken from behind by Owen.

Is this a huge progressive step forward for videogames as a whole or do you think that Naughty Dog have taken things just a tad bit too far? Let us know in the comments below.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated post-release.

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