Angry Joe called misogynist by Gamespot writer for not loving TLoU2


Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show was called a sexist/misogynist by Gamespot writer Alessandro Fillari for not giving the game a 10/10.

Popular YouTuber and game critic Joe Vargas has been called out by members of the mainstream games press because he wasn’t thrilled with The Last of Us Part II.

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Joe Vargas, creator and host of The Angry Joe Show YouTube channel, has an entertaining way of reviewing videogames and that’s what sets him apart from the rest of the professional game journalists.

His reviews are both insightful and entertaining because he puts a lot of extra effort in by dressing up in costumes and scattering comedy sketches throughout his reviews.

The Angry Joe Show is, for many, the go to source for game reviews because, unlike the mainstream games media, he spends his own money on games and reviews it without any influence, financial or otherwise, from the publishers.

The Angry review of The Last of Us Part II was trending both on Twitter and YouTube and now has close to 2 million views, but mainstream games journalist aren’t impressed with his review.

Despite completely ignoring the game’s clear gender identity politics and giving a fair critique based on the story, the writing, and the gameplay, Gamespot writer Alessandro Fillari has no problems calling Angry Joe a sexist and a misogynist; the key insults for most modern day male feminists.

Joe Vargas was tweeting support for the The Last of Us Part II voice actress, Laura Bailey, who allegedly received death threats from disgruntled gamers who did not enjoy the fact that she out “alpha-maled” the game’s previous protagonist by cracking his skull with a golf club ultimately rendering him null and void.

Vargas tweeted: “If you send death threats you are a piece of shit. It is never okay. You stupid idiot. I stand with Laura Bailey who did an awesome job voicing her character Abby in The Last of Us Part II.”

Unfortunately some people believed that Joe Vargas had no right to comment or show support because he didn’t give The Last of Us Part II a 10/10.

Many people jumped to Joe Vargas defence as it was clear that the Gamespot writer Alessandro Fillari had not even watched the review, and most likely just reacted based on the score and the thumbnail which shows Alex dressed as Abby.

“Did you even watch the review? There’s nothing sexist or misogynist about it,” one person accurately stated in response to the Gamespot writers tweet.

Anyone that has watched at least one Angry Review knows that the boys often dress up for their reviews, and in their review of The Last of Us Part II, Joe Vargas dressed as Joel, Joe Lopzen (Other Joe) dressed as Ellie, and Alex as Abby. And, according to the Gamespot writer, that is sexist.

Watch the hilarious Angry review of The Last of Us Part II.

Joe Vargas couldn’t believe what he read and assumed that the Gamespot writer’s comments were satirical, but he doubled down with his claim.

When Angry Joe originally reviewed The Last of Us remastered on his PlayStation 4 he awarded it with the highest score possible and gave it a 10, but he was disappointed with the sequel and gave it an average 6/10.

What are your thoughts on Gamespot and their writers? Do you trust them to give fair and unbiased reviews, or do you trust Joe Vargas more? Let us know in the comments below.

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