Apple should ban poop emoji if Poopdie is too gross for App Store


Felix Kjellberg and his team of developers had been working hard on developing thire new game and were excited to launch it, but the game got rejected by Apple.

In PewDiePie’s Poopdie you play as cute little blonde worm with a… pooping problem? According to Apple, that’s too offensive and not allowed on the App Store.

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PewDiePie appeared in his last video to announce that his new free-to-play dungeon crawling, “minion controlling”, adventure game had just released to the public. Unfortunately, his announcement came with some bad news too; The Apple App Store had rejected his new game on grounds of being “too disgusting.”

The game is a wildly unique take on the classic dungeon crawler with some of the wackiest art design we’ve seen in a while. It’s totally family friendly even amidst all its poop and fart jokes, and there should be no reason for the ban to be permanent.

In PewDiePie’s last video he gave us a bit of a walk through of his hilariously charming and gross game PewDiePies’ Poopdie, and at no point in time did the game cross any kind of line. Even the games alleged ‘grossness’ is immensely cute.

Apple should also ban the poop emoji

Some are speculating that the only reason PewDiePie’s game got rejected from the Apple App Store is because of media bias. The poor guy gets much undeserved hate, and there are thousands of people out there every day who live to make his life worse. To prove that this isn’t just an act of bias against the YouTuber, Apple should also ban the poop emoji; it’s about as gross and offensive as the game.

Poop emoji Apple iPhone
Poop emoji OK for Apple but no Poopdie on App Store?

Or they could just lift the restriction and allow Apple users to play the game since there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t violate any of Apple’s terms and conditions.

They should also probably formally apologise to the 100, 000 million subscriber YouTuber for botching his highly anticipated launch.

We have faith that this will all get resolved soon and should expect to see PewDiePie’s Poopdie on the Apple App Store very soon. In the meantime download and play Poopdie from the Play Store right now!

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