Girl doxed and threatened for ‘racist’ space buns hairstyle in Animal Crossing


Fifi shared her Animal Crossing character on Twitter with her ‘space bun’ look but BLM activists claimed she was appropriating black culture for ‘afro puffs’ and doxed her.

Fifi, better known as @stardewleaf on Twitter, is a massive fan of both Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing (as is obvious in her handle). She likes to share her creations with her followers, but she wasn’t expecting to be cancelled by an angry mob for it.

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The 28-year-old Animal Crossing fan from the UK shared a picture of her character chilling in the kitchen with her pet plush puppy. Her character was sporting black boots, leggings, a pink skirt with a matching pink sweater. However, what most people were upset with was her choice of hairstyle for her videogame character.

“Cute space buns,” Fifi wrote with an accompanying smiley emoji, but a handful of people on Twitter with #BLM in their names lashed out at her accusing her of appropriating black culture and being racist.

schrutehorizons afro puffs
Black Lives Matter activists slams girl (@stardewleaf) for “racist” Animal Crossing: New Horizons hairstyle.
Amanda, BLM activist, believes girl should be doxed and cancelled for “racist” Animal Crossing hairstyle.

Amanda, according to her now deleted Twitter account, is a proud Black Lives Matter activists who hates capitalism and wants to defund the police.

more hate
“Those are afro puffs,” More BLM activists gather to harass a girl for sharing her Animal Crossing “space buns”.

Many perceived her Tweets as a threat against Fifi and reported her account. Sadly, Twitter did not act in time and Amanda deactivated her own account after she saw the support the girl she had just called racist was getting.

They want her dog dead…

Fifi (@stardewleaf) later shared a picture of her golden retriever. She explained that he was turning 20 and was very sick but that her dog’s unconditional love helped her cope with the hate she was receiving for her “space buns.”

Other Black Lives Matter activists used this opportunity to attempt to dox her, some even saying that they should “find and kill that racist dog”.

Internet sensation overnight!

Fortunately the hate she received was only a tiny fraction of the massive and overwhelmingly response she got. As it turns out, most people loved her “space buns”. She got thousands and thousands of followers overnight and retweets by some bigger accounts.

Some people even paid tribute by drawing her Animal Crossing character to show just how un-problematic it actually is.

space buns art by RamBa @redramba
Fifi (stardewleaf) fanart by RedRamBa via Twitter.

Fifi seems to be doing just fine despite the hate she received for sharing her Animal Crossing: New Horizons character with “cute space buns”, but still it shows you how sensitive yet angry people can be, especially in 2020.

If you support Fifi you can head on over to her Twitter account and give her a follow.

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