How Popular Has the Age of Gods Series Been?

Sometimes there are series of games that build up large fanbases and therefore have this enduring popularity attached to them.

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Much like long-running franchises such as Age of Empires, another historical game that has drawn plenty of plaudits has been the Age of Gods series of slot games. It has seen its own stock rise over the years of the Internet and the existence of online casinos.

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The Age of Gods games constitute a key part of the jackpot slots line-up from providers such as Paddy Power which brings together a combination of modern features by way of web design as well as a classic slot experience as well as the principle of progressive jackpots that have been a staple of not only online casinos but also physical settings within their early days of development.

It’s this familiar gaming experience that Age of Gods offers in the slot world that can be seen to make it as popular as to has been, as well as the fact that having a progressive jackpot on offer also makes it rather enticing in comparison to standard slot games.

Ancient ruins

In addition, the game’s subject matter of Ancient Greece and the associated mythology has also proven to be a popular subject not only within the game itself but also in other games too. As mentioned previously, those games that have history at their very core such as the incredible Age of Empires, which relies on guiding players through different periods in history, over various iterations.

What’s more, the city-building and real-time strategy aspect of Age of Empires also gives players the chance to explore different ages of history in detail. In a similar vein, Age of Gods aims to bring the context of slot games to the popular topic of Greek mythology and history, but without some of the more academic elements in a bid to keep the playing experience both fun and interesting.

In terms of a future direction, it may be possible for Age Of Gods to continue that blend of a classic experience and modern features by bringing in emerging and innovative tech such as augmented or virtual reality.

This could be achieved by giving players the option to play the slot game on a slot in AR that mimics an actual slot machine by way of mechanics, sights and sounds. It’s a way of making the playing experience more immersive than is currently offered by websites on their own.

Ancient Greek philosopher statue

However, for a greater feeling of immersion, perhaps setting the game within a VR environment may be better. Having entire rows of slot machines in VR such as a cross-section of the different Age Of Gods games that exist may be possible, especially given the fact that entire virtual reality arcades have been collated before.

It’s definitely fair to say that the Age of Gods game has been extremely popular for many years and that it’s got a bright future. Further innovations within both the online casino industry itself as well as within the wider tech world are likely to contribute to both newer versions and also make sure older iterations stay relevant and as interesting and enjoyable as they possibly can.

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