If you suck at Escape From Tarkov you will always suck and this is why


Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore realistic tactical first person shooter that punishes you for treating it like game. Here are 5 mistakes everyone makes when they first play.

You are either a gamer god or a sadist if you are playing Escape From Tarkov. Even seasoned veterans like Dr. Disrespect and Summit1G barely make it out of Tarkov of alive, so what makes you think that you can? Still… loving the ambition.

Did you know?

Be warned. I’m no expert, so don’t be reading this article thinking that its going to help you become a better PMC or Scav, because it won’t. What this article will provide is a good sense of hindsight with a side of a spirit crushing reality check… if you suck at Escape From Tarkov, you will always suck at Escape From Tarkov.

Back to the point, though. You want to know what you are doing wrong? This list is pretty basic. Don’t expect anything ground breaking, more your basic check list of things noobs and plebs do like; forgot to brush teeth before bed, ate burrito before roller-coaster ride, and things of that nature. Let’s get to it.

Here are 5 big mistakes every noob makes and most likely the reason you suck at Escape From Tarkov and will always suck.

Playing Escape From Tarkov

The first one is simple. If you are a noob you probably shouldn’t be playing Escape From Tarkov. What the hell were you thinking?

What are you doing? You suck at Escape From Tarkov!
What are you doing? You suck at Escape From Tarkov!

Escape From Tarkov may seem like your run off the mill battle royale first person shooter game, but it is a whole lot more than that. It doesn’t matter how fire you are at PUBG, or even Call of Duty for that matter, this game is about a lot more than split-second reaction time and pin-point precision aim, and that’s why the 1993 – 1994 two-time videogame world champion, Dr. Disrespect, gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is about spacial awareness, patients, timing, and tactical strategies kind of like a game of chess that shoots you in the face. That takes me to the next big mistake.

Didn’t learning the map

You were so excited when the game downloaded that you just jumped straight into a game. Let me guess, you died within one minute of deploying, right? You thought you were being stealthy by being prone in the grass behind some building and then — what seems like from nowhere — someone shoots you in the back of the skull with a shotgun.

As a Escape From Tarkov noob you need to learn the map.
As a Escape From Tarkov noob you need to learn the map.

As an Escape from Tarkov noob, whether you’re a Scav or PMC, simply having the map open on a second screen is not enough, you are going to have to learn each map like the back of your hands. Learn where the extraction points are, learn where there is easily accessible loot, including Tarkov Quest Items, and know where the Scav spawns are, especially the boss.

How do you do that without dying and losing your stuff a bunch of times, you ask? Well since you’re a noob you probably didn’t know how to launch into offline mode.

Didn’t play offline mode enough

Not going to lie; even I knew there was an offline mode but I couldn’t find it at first so I accidentally launched into a proper raid knowing absolutely nothing and lost absolutely everything.

I had no idea that I had to click “next” twice before the option for offline mode popped up. Like the noob that I am I just clicked ready and it launched me into a proper raid. Don’t ever click ready unless you are ready. Actually, don’t ever play online unless you’ve played offline at least a million times.

Even after learning all the the sweet spots of the map and getting a good amount of practice in, I bet you are going to make the next big mistake… because you are a noob.

Didn’t prep your PMC for a raid

You felt confident enough to hop into an online game only to find yourself:

  1. Out of bullets.
  2. Bleeding out.
  3. Pimp walking.
  4. Passing out.
  5. Crying.
  6. Starving.
  7. Dehydrating.
  8. All of the above.

You’re a such a noob that you didn’t pack the essentials when launching into a raid. You will need all of the following: painkillers or morphine, water, food, plenty of ammo, bandages, a splint, a backpack, body armour, and most importantly… a freaking gun (don’t be a noob like me and forget your gun at home).

The inventory system even scares Dr. Disrespect.
The inventory system even scares Dr. Disrespect.

Without these things you are basically just target practice for the rest of the players.

Looting too soon

Congratulations! You got your first kill and you are super excited to loot them. First of all, don’t get too excited, you probably just killed an A.I. Scav. Lastly, skilled players use fresh corpses as bait for noobs like you.

The chances are there are probably hundreds of people around all with their scope pointing directly at that freshly unlooted corpse… wait it out, be patient, and wait for the right moment to loot.

Didn’t loot soon enough

Wait, what? I just told you not to loot too soon, right? Now I’m telling you not to wait too long to loot. Bit of a mind fudge, huh? A lot of noobs can be to scared to approach a freshly dropped player/Scav and thus wait too long.

If you are a noob you probably don’t have a suppressor on your weapon, this means other Scavs are rushing you from areas close by and will most likely arrive right while you are searching the corpse’s pockets.

The video below is of our editor playing the game; it accurately demonstrates how your first… hundred… games will go down.

After reading this you are probably thinking, “I should avoid this game like the plague.” Don’t, though! As much as other people are going to bully you in this game, it still is one of the best first person shooter games available today. There’s nothing quite like Escape From Tarkov, and it is something I feel every gamer who enjoys first person shooters should experience at least once in their life.

The game is still only in beta so it does have some teething issues, but it is still a solid shooter. Anyone who pre-orders the game gets instant access to the beta via Battlestate’s launcher. There are several options too, the least expensive being the Standard Edition setting you back a measly USD$49.00. The most expensive edition is the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition which will cost you USD$139.99, but is well worth in my honest opinion considering it comes with the following:

  • Huge size of stash (10×66)
  • Additional equipment and resources in stash:
  • Initially good standing with all in-game traders
  • Unique in-game ID
  • Free access to all subsequent DLCs (Season pass)

If you plan on playing a lot (which most people who play this game do) you will definitely get your money’s worth. That extra stash size is essential for hardcore players. Also, the more noobs actually buying the game means you might actually end up getting a kill one of these days. Until then, just Scav it up.

What was your first Escape From Tarkov experience like? Let us know in the comments below, you Scav.

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