Insanely awesome Batman: The Arkham Knight cosplay you need to see


DC comic book fan spent months perfecting his Batman: Arkham Knight cosplay, and it looks bloody amazing. Check out these pictures.

Cosplaying is not an easy art, it takes talent to pull of something that doesn’t look tacky or cringey… but it looks like Jared Weismann has got the skills to pull it of judging by his Arkham Knight cosplay.

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Jared Weismann spent many months putting together his Arkham Knight costume for his cosplay and it paid off. The Batsuit looks awesome… and it is not just any old batstuit.

Jared Weismann made an almost perfect replica of The Arkham Knight armour; the armour worn by the villain from the video game later revealed to be Jason Todd himself.

The armour was created in militaristic fashion to mock The Batman.  The inside of his helmet gives him a heads up display of his troops throughout Gotham and the ears relay his commands to his troops. By using the Arkham symbol on his chest plate he inflicts psychological warfare on Batman reminding him of the past Arkham events. The chest plate also acts as a countermeasure to the Batclaw.

Although the Arkham Knight cosplay suit may not be able to do all that, it sure looks pretty close to the actual thing.

Batman villain
Concept art of The Arkham Knight’s suit from Batman is awesome for cosplay.

Many different replicas of the suit have popped up online, some okay, some not so great. If you want to get your hands on that bad boy it would set you back close to $1000, but Jared — with all his craftiness — made one himself.

“My completed Arkham Knight suit!” Mr Weismann cheered on Facebook. “I finally got better pics and I’m completely in love with this thing.”

Jared has every right and reason to be proud of his work.

He added: “It looks amazing in photos and even better in person. I bought the jacket, pants, boots, and belt pouches, all of which came in black, and I 3D printed, painted, sewed, and created every other piece myself.”

  • batman cosplay
  • bat armour
  • full suit
  • full suit
  • Batsuit v8.05

“I added custom lighting to the helmet, adding additional lights into the ear vents, and I did my own custom Joker designs on the pouches to pay homage to AK’s time with Joker. I hope you all enjoy!”

Weismann’s version of the The Arkham Knight suit switches a few things out from the original design and has a more emphasis on the urban camo aesthetic, which looks great.

Arkham Knight initially launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 back in 2015 and was received with critical praise scoring high nines all across the board. Sadly, the launch on PC didn’t go so smoothly as many people reported the game to be unplayable.

Steam later removed the game from the store and Warner Bros not only offered full refunds for people who bought the game, but gave them access to the entire library of Batman games to compensate, which is pretty awesome.

The game is back on the steam store and is definitely worth a purchase considering that the story is now officially canon in the DC universe..

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