Is the next-gen Sonic The Hedgehog exclusive to Xbox Series X?


Rumours that the next-gen Sonic The Hedgehog title is coming exclusively to Xbox heat up after pictures of themed consoles appear online.

Sega’s answer to Super Mario is becoming increasingly more popular after Paramount made a live-action film adaptation of the popular game. Sonic The Hedgehog movie was one of the best movies of 2020 and it made a killing at the box office, now the studio has fast tracked a sequel.. and there’s even talk of a threequel!

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Sadly, Nintendo’s classic live-action Super Mario Bros. movie didn’t amount to the same success. Most people hated the movie, but it has become a bit of a cult classic that offers nostalgic value.

Due to the success of the Sonic movie, now Nintendo are reportedly interested in bringing some of their beloved game franchises to the big screen. Metroid and Super Mario (with Brie Larson reportedly appearing in both films) have supposedly been greenlit and are in preproduction.

Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 movie
Tails appears at the end of The Sonic Hedgehog movie to tease sequel.

With thousands of new fans excited to get their hands on a new Sonic The Hedgehog game, especially now that they can play it on their next-gen consoles. Sadly for fans, the new Sonic game may only be coming to Xbox as an exclusive.

Rumours that Microsoft had secured a massive exclusivity deal with Sega started spreading in late 2020. Even industry analysts are convinced that new Sonic game will be exclusively available on Xbox.

The first shred of evidence is the plethora of Sega games that are available with the Xbox Game Pass. There are currently 14 titles available including Sonic The Hedgehog and Alien Isolation.

The second piece of evidence is that Sega have been aggressively advertising Xbox Game Pass and the console recently. Additionally, Sega’s brand manager has been retweeting a lot of tweets from Xbox lately.

But the most convincing piece of evidence is the official financial report that states that “recorded one-off revenue from transfer of titles and offering of titles” was made and “the Group recorded transient sales such as title transfers and offering titles.” Did Microsoft purchase exclusivity to some titles or outright buy the studio?

Special edition Sonic Xbox console
Special edition Sonic and Tails Xbox consoles may just be concepts created by a fan, but they still look cool. Is the new Sonic game exclusively coming to the Xbox Series X?

These rumours are heating up after an image of special edition next-gen Xbox consoles appeared online. There’s a blue Xbox Series X with a very cool Sonic the Hedgehog logo and yellow Xbox Series S console with a Tails logo.

The images of the special edition Sonic Xbox consoles appear to be digital compositions and concepts, and Sega have not confirmed that they are official,

Other fans believe that the Sonic game that is coming to Xbox is not a brand new next-gen title, but rather a remaster of the critically acclaimed 3D platform title, Sonic 2006.

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