Kojima Productions roasts The Last of Us Part II in hilarious response


The official Facebook page for Kojima Productions roasted The Last of Us Part II when an angry consumer said he exchanged their ‘boring’ game.

Fans were surprised to see Kojima Productions roast one of Sony’s IPs after someone said that Death Stranding was “boring as sh*t” and that they exchanged it for The Last of Us Part II.

NEWS: People are burning the LGBTQ+ flags found in The Last of Us Part II.

UPDATE: The Facebook account is not associated with Kojima Productions nor any of their affiliates.

Kojima roasts The Last of Us Part II. Kojima Productions Co. Ltd was running a promotion for their latest videogame release starring Norman Reedus on Facebook when an annoyed troll responded by posting a picture of a retail copy of the The Last of Us Part II with the following message: “Boring as sh*t. Sold it to buy The Last of Us Part II.”

Much to the surprise of everyone Kojima Productions Co. Ltd responded to the troll and subtly insulted him while roasting Naughty Dog’s latest game.

“The quality of the game reflects the quality of its player. Maybe this suits you more,” the studio responded with an attached image of The Last of Us Part II current user review score; which is at an abysmal 4.3.

Kojima roasts The Last of Us Part II

Hideo Kojima Productions responds to ‘boring as sh*t’ comment and roasts The Last of Us Part II in hilarious response on Facebook.

Despite having received raving review from the mainstream media, The Last of Us Part II is being panned by YouTube pundits, Twitch streamers, and thousands of disappointed fans on Twitter, and the user review score reflects that.

Naughty Dog’s latest gory snuff game is also not fairing as well in Japan as it is in the USA and UK. Famitsu slammed the game’s story and criticised the Naughty Dog’s ‘messy writing’ and bad plot devices while IGN Japan scored the game a modest 7/10.

We’re sure that Hideo Kojima himself has had the opportunity to play The Last of Us Part II — most likely ages ago — and there’s a good chance that he loves it; we just don’t know his opinion because he hasn’t expressed it yet.

The official English Twitter account for Konami Productions later reached out to us and said the aforementioned Facebook account, despite having 21 thousand likes and previously advertising jobs, has no associations with company.

The account was the most liked Kojima Productions account and there currently isn’t a verified Facebook page for the company, and that is what caused the confusion.

Which game do you prefer Death Stranding or The Last of Us Part II? Let us know in the comments below.

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