Kotaku editor slams FFVII remake and gets humiliated on Twitter


The Final Fantasy VII remake demo has released and gamers are loving it, but Kotaku editor, Chris Kohler hates it and ranted on Twitter. The responses are hilarious.

Chris Kohler, the editor of the once popular games press Kotaku, took to Twitter to express his dislike of the highly anticipated remake of one of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever.

The editor complained that the game design was horrible and that there were too many interlocking systems making the final boss impossible to defeat.

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“Wow, did the Final Fantasy VII remake demo actually send my interest plummeting.” The 39-year-old games journalist added, “I have basically zero idea how to play that first boss fight. A million interlocking systems all thrown at you at once.”

When others stated that the game tells you exactly how to defeat the boss, Chris responded by mocking the mechanics, “make sure to attack but also heal but also you can’t heal but also use magic but also you can’t use magic but also make sure to Stagger the enemy but also he has a barrier but also hide behind this debris but also…”

Final Fantasy VII remake

Kotaku editor slams FFVII remake demo.

Kotaku has previously been called out for hiring political activists with no interest in gaming which was recently confirmed when an industry insider revealed that most modern games and pop-culture presses explicitly hire people with pro-socialist or pro-communist views.

Chris Kohler, on the other hand, is a seasoned games journalist having previously written for Nintendo Official Magazine UK. However, Chris admittedly is more into retro videogames. Perhaps that’s why he found the FFVII remake demo a bit complicated.

 Kotaku editor slams FFVII remake demo.

Kotaku editor slams FFVII remake demo.

Naturally, people who are thoroughly enjoying the game demo decided to chime in which resulted in his Tweet being completely ratioed.

Chris Kohler’s tweet reminded a lot of people about the Cuphead tutorial incident.

Dean, a self-proclaimed VentureBeat games journalist, thrashed Cuphead for having terrible mechanics after spending 24 minutes on trying to ace the game’s tutorial.

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